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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trip to the dentist...

Since Mary's surgery is only a week away now, we have been very busy trying to fit in all her appointments before her lip is repaired. We wanted to have some assessments completed before her lip is corrected so we have a bese line to compare any new developments. These last two weeks alone we have seen the SLP (speech language pathologist), Pediatric Dentist, Pediatrician, Occupational Therapist, and our Infant Development Consultant (developmental assessment). So far everyone has been very impressed with Mary and how far she has come in the ten short weeks we have been together.

Today was the pediatric dentist. We are a little worried about Mary's two front teeth. Due to her cleft, they are exposed to the air constantly and the enamel is eroding. At some time in the future we will probably be determining if she will need to have these two teeth capped.

Waiting for the dentist.

Playing with my little friends while waiting for the dentist...
 Ok, getting a little bored, might take a nap now!

Mary was phenomenal at the dentist. She cooperated and was calm throughout. The staff was amazed and keep complimenting her on her behavior and demeanor. They were able to take x-rays today and we were pleased to learn that although she is missing missing baby teeth due to her cleft, it appears that there are adult teeth forming in their spot. We will have to see where they eventually come in and likely orthodontic work may be required to help guide them into their proper place.

Here's a short video of our little girl patiently waiting for the dentist.


  1. What a trooper - enjoy a little parental pride!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. She is so cute!!! I hope her surgery goes well and I can hardly wait to see the after photos!

  3. I so love her sweet little personality! You are all so blessed! Looking forward to following her surgury, keep us all posted!

  4. seriously too cute for words that girl is!
    Do you need clothes???I have been sorting and packing some of Miah's away....

  5. She is such a good little girl. I hope her surgery goes well. I'll be looking for updates to see how she is doing. Blessings

  6. Looking at that happy face while waiting for the dentist is without a doubt something to make a parent proud! Congratulations to her on a successful dental procedure! I hope her teeth will continue to be healthy and strong!