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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day Two: Update #1 The Morning After..

Well, we have arrived at day number two of our hospital stay and we will see how long things are meant to last. There was apparently quite an influx of children last night, so our bunking troop had to get moved to a different room - With roommates no less! What fun! (Can you detect just the hint of sarcasm there? Good for you :) ...) So, needless to say, Mary had probably the best sleep out of all of us yesterday. Joyanne was constantly awakened by the monitor alarms going off (and wee baby roommate crying) and while I did make it to our bed at home I really didn't get any good sleep either.

We had a couple of visitors stop by yesterday and
today with some presents (Thank you Tara, Candice & Kim)...

Mary's night was pretty good all things considered. She ran a bit of a fever until about 2:00am, but the wonders of Tylenol took care of that... That too it seems is not that uncommon for post surgery so the nice folks tell us.

She had "breakfast" with us this morning - Yogurt is still her friend and so is apple sauce. She was a little reluctant to open wide for the spoon however, so we opted for the syringe-feeding style to accommodate... Good success with that :)

Daddy feeding Mary some breakfast... 

She finished a yogurt and an apple sauce in about an hour, which was marked progress from yesterday's clear fluid extravaganza. She is still drinking juice but can now accompany that with milk too so things are moving along nicely.. Talked to one of the doctors this morning who checked in on her and he was not as gung-ho on our one-day-in-one-day-out plan, but Mary's progress will dictate the length of our stay.

Big sister Sylvie stopped by to say "Hi" and check out Mary's new toys.

Mary is quite a bit "puffier" today (somewhat due to the I.V. fluids), and she looks like a prize fighter (she will probably have a couple black eyes). She now had her morphine drip stopped (12:20 pm) and her last dose of a anti-inflammatory med (1:00pm). She will still be on Tylenol, with the option of using some codeine if required. When she wakes up from her nap they are hoping to remove her I.V., which should make her a much happier camper and help with the puffiness.   


  1. Sounds like she is doing better... I hope she can go home tomorrow!

  2. Ooh! I didn't kow we might e allowed to visit! I'll call you and see if we can tomorrow :-)

  3. Praying for a quick recovery for Mary.

    Mari-Grace will have her lip repair on March 29. MaMa is dreading surgery again ... but you do what you have to do.

    Be sure to pass on any tips you learn !

    Best wishes to you (and hugs too ... cause being the MaMa and Daddy and watching baby suffer isn't fun at all !)

    She looks fabulous ... can't wait to see the follow-up photos !

    Mari-Grace sends Mary some hugs and kisses !