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Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet...Mary Dang Yundan

We realized we haven't properly introduced our newest daughter-to-be Mary Dang Yundan! 
The first pictures we have of Mary
12 months old - December 2009
Mary is currently 20 months old, and will turn 2 in early December (she shares the same birthday as her new Mama!). She is currently living in Datong City Social Welfare Insitute, in Shanxi province.
Shanxi Province, China
Datong City, SWI
We were matched off of the July Waiting Child shared list. Mary has a bilateral cleft lip, which also affects her gum line but her palate is not affected. Once we return to Canada and get settled in, her lip will be repaired as well as her gum line.
20 months old - August 15, 2010
Our agency told us to expect to travel 4-6 months after receiving her referral, as different paperwork is completed between the Chinese and BC provincial government.

This would mean that we could possibly travel in late November, December or January. Once we receive our Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC), we will have a more accurate picture of when we will travel. We can hardly wait!   

New Pictures of Mary!

We have been very fortunate to receive these new, updated pictures of Mary. I joined an online yahoo group for families who have adopted children from Mary's Social Welfare Institute in Shanxi, China. One of the mother's from that group put me in touch with an American couple who live in China and volunteer regularly at Mary's orphanage.
I "friended" this couple on Face book and asked if they could possibly take a couple of photos of Mary when they were next visiting. Yesterday they emailed us back and sent us these new photo's.

Sorry about the sideways picture, Blogger simply won't let me rotate it at all!

We can't believe how much bigger Mary has grown since the last pictures we have of her (taken 8 months earlier at one year of age)! I have been staring into her eyes all morning, they are so beautiful!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back from a wonderful weekend!

 We just got back this afternoon from another wonderful weekend camping. This has been our fifth camping trip this summer (sorry, more pictures to come in later posts) and we have been enjoying our family time immensely.We traveled south down to Osoyoos this weekend with our friends and their two daughters.
 We walked, swam, visited some wineries, drank some wine and played. It was a beautiful summer weekend, with just the right amount of rain  Saturday afternoon to cool us all down. We have been so busy these last couple of months we haven't been able to get together for a play date. But it didn't take to long for Sylvie to warm up to Sugar and Spice again.
Gathering up the courage to follow her two friends in...
Mama and Daddy's favorite part of camping...nap time. Usually we are so tuckered out we fit the hay for a little snooze as well.

Our little miss enjoying the sweet life...

These past couple of weeks Cory and I have talked about how our family is going to change when we have two kids to think of, instead of just one. This weekend reaffirmed how great Cory will be as a Dad of two. He is patient (much more than me) and is always willing to give everyone their turns, as evidenced many times this weekend. 

"My turn Daddy, My Turn"
"Me too, Me too!"
 "Me three, Me three!"
 And his good humor continued throughout the weekend...

It makes me think that maybe three might be the magic number for our family! I think poor Cory might have a coronary when he reads this! I guess we'll find out if he continues to read the blog or not!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where we are now, and the next steps

Some have asked what the process to adopt Mary will look like and how long it will take to travel to China to meet her. So we thought we would outline the upcoming steps and terminology for everyone. 

Overall, we have been advised by our agency that once we accepted our referral of Mary that it would take 4-6 months until travel to China. This is the amount of time it takes for the different paperwork to be completed between the two countries. Since we accepted her referral at the end of July, 4-6 months takes us to the end of either November, December or January. 

We are hoping to travel in November, as Mary turns two in the beginning of December and it would be wonderful to celebrate with her. With Sylvie, we were able to travel at four months, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the paperwork and file reviews go quickly.

The following is an explanation of the next steps that we are going through to complete the adoption process.

1) LOI (Letter of Intent): We submitted our LOI to our agency who translated and submitted it to the China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA). This document informs the Chinese government of our "intent to adopt" Mary and outlines our care and nurturing plan for her.

2) PA (Pre Approval): The Chinese government (CCAA) has assessed and "approved" our Letter of Intent. 

3) LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation from the Adopter): Now that we have received PA, the Chinese government (CCAA) will now take a closer look at our entire dossier we forwarded earlier in June. This includes our home study, letters of employment, criminal record checks, clearance from our Provincial Ministry of Families, copies of our birth certificates, passports and marriage license. CCAA will next issue a formal offer to place Mary with us. 

The formal offer is called the Letter of Seeking Confirmation from Adopter (LSC). It will be delivered to us through the BC government and our provincial adoption agency. We sign the LSC and return it to CCAA.This step can take as long as 90 days to complete. With Sylvie it only took a little over a month, this is what we are hoping for again. 

4) NoC (Notice of Traveling to China for Adoption): CCAA will then issue an invitation for us to travel to China to adopt Mary. The travel date is usually 6 to 9 weeks after we have returned the signed LSC. 

We have a little side bar on the side of the time line it took for all the paperwork to be completed with Sylvie's adoption and we have now added a second bar for Mary's. Hope this answers many of the questions our family and friends have had about this process!