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Monday, April 26, 2010

Eleven Excellent Months...

So I am a day or two behind on posting, but we have been busy these past few days playing in the park, hiking in the hills, going to birthday parties and enjoying our time with good friends. We think her shirt says it all...

At one of our local community centers checking out the park...

They have some outdoor exercise machines at the park. Here are Dada and Sylvie burning off some calories.

The three of us checking out the ducks in the creek...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Playing in the parks!

The weather the last few days has been amazing here. Sylvie and I have been outside soaking up the sun as much as possible. With Sylvie now 2, the park is so much more fun to be at.

Remember this picture? This was last June, shortly after we returned home.

Ten months later...

Wow! Sometimes I am just in awe of how fast she is growing.

Here are a few more of my favorite picss from the last couple of days.

And last but not least, how could you not smile when seeing this grinning face? I know I can't!

Monday, April 12, 2010

I Love my Dada!

Sylvie's favorite thing to do right now is get a shoulder ride from her Dada. The first time or two she wasn't to sure about the whole idea, but now - watch out! We have been encouraging her to say "Daddy", but she just laughs at us and says "Dada". Oh well!

Her most favorite part of the ride? Telling Daddy to "Go!" and Stop!"
Here's a short video of them racing around the kitchen.

I'm very glad Sylvie has this special activity to do with her Daddy. Thankfully she hasn't clued in that she "could" ask Mama for a shoulder ride ;)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza...

We had a wonderful long weekend visiting family and friends. We also managed to take a short trip to visit some of Joyanne's relatives. We picked up Sylvie's cousin Kate along the way. Thankfully she kept Sylvie occupied and happy by reading books and feeding her fruit loops.
Easter baskets for the three cousins, luckily the Easter Bunny knew where we would be.

Checking out the goodies...

Waiting until the Easter egg hunt begins. What better way to make the time fly by than playing around with Daddy!
Easter Egg hunt #1 at the local community center. Sylvie's cousin Kate was too old to enter (you needed to be younger than 8), so she helped Sylvie learn the ropes for finding the best eggs. Then later, we snuck Kate all of Sylvie's candy so I don't think she was too disappointed in being too old to participate!

Sylvie liked running around on the big field the best.

We also tried face painting for the first time. Here we are making Easter bunny faces.

Then it was time for coloring eggs and a SECOND Easter egg hunt that Grandpa Cliff puts on for the grandkids every year.

Grandpa is pretty tricky and hides those eggs good! Poor Jacob had to reach into the prickly bush, but that didn't slow him or Sylvie down!

It was a wonderful first Easter together. We love celebrating all these "firsts" with Sylvie. Happy Easter from the Drinkwater's!