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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day One: Update #2

Mary is out of surgery and in recovery, she will be there for probably an hour before being transferred to Pediatrics. We are told surgery went well.

We are now waiting in the Pediatric room Mary has been assigned. They will bring her here after she is done in the Recovery room.

Passing some time in the early morning
hours in the Surgery Waiting room...
 Meeting with the anesthesiologist...
 In the Pediatric room, Daddy is getting all our techie
needs organzied while waiting for Mary to arrive...
The crib Mary is assigned. Anyone remember her experiences
with cribs? Let's hope we get the room all to ourselves and we can
use the single bed beside us, otherwise it will be a long, LOUD night!

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  1. I have been so rushed the past few days that I'm only now getting the chance to actually comment. So relieved for the good early report and that she's that she's out of surgery. Reading the past couple of days I am convinced that Mary has one terrific familiy in her corner. She's going to do great! Shelley