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Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Two - What Can You Hope For?

Well... I have no pictures (again) and have not a lot of story for this quick update, but let me say it very simply...






I cannot state that simple fact more simply than that... All of my girls are right now asleep in their beds... :) We are juggling pain medications and sleep patterns and whatever else they can throw at us, but WE ARE AT HOME :):):) In our own beds, with our own pillows and toys and whatever else...

I don't know that I can say to hammer that simple point home, but if the nurse asks you... "The doctor is on the phone and he says that if you REALLY want to go home he will come up and sign off..."

You Say "Get his a$$ up here!!!"...

That is the shortest form of the story that I can give you tonight, but there will definitely be more tomorrow. Thanks for all the well-wishes and thoughts and prayers for us... Nothing has gone unnoticed :)

Tune in tomorrow when Dr. Bob says...

Love from us all!

C & J & S & M


  1. YIPEEEE!!!! We are sending happy vibes your way! Good luck with the sleep!!

  2. Incredible! I can't even believe that you guys are home so quickly! Amazing! Hope you all managed a bit of sleep in amongst caring for the kiddos.

  3. I can't even believe this. But you seem on top of the moon, so I am willing to believe it!

    ALL of you, together! Brilliant!


  4. Great to hear that you are all home together!