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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Share our Double Happiness!

We are very happy to announce that we have accepted an adoption referral for a little girl in China! While we are surprised how quickly the process has gone this time, we are excited to bring our second daughter (and Sylvie's little sister) home.

Without further ado...Please meet "Mary Dang Yundan"!

We will be updating our blog over the next few weeks as we learn more about our daughter and the Chinese province she lives in. Stay tuned!

Cory, Joyanne & Sylvie

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saskatoon Trip

We have been busy visiting family this summer. One of our trips was to Saskatoon to see Cory's family and be celebrate cousin Katie's baptism.

On the plane! Sylvie did really well, I was very impressed. We made sure to pack lots of snacks, drinks and the portable DVD player.
Taking a nap in the Calgary airport during our lay over. Thankfully we scored the comfy leather chairs.

 See how she chews on her blanket tag to help fall asleep? She calls it her "chew". :)

Baby Katie after her baptism with her Dad, Mom and sister Cara.
Sylvie checking out the "good book" during the service, Grandma Shirley sitting beside us.
Playing at the splash park across the street from Uncle Kevin & Aunty Laura's house. Sylvie loves playing at these parks.

Mama and Daddy enjoying watching Sylvie play at the splash park
Making pancakes Sunday morning for everyone. Aunty Laura is super nice and let all the kids help. Good times with all the kids learning how to take turns stirring the pancake batter.
Hey Grandpa Irwin, what do you have there? Can I have some too?
Yum, I love ice cream now! Thanks for sharing Grandpa.
Thanks for the wonderful, but too short visit. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy July... lazy Saturday morning

After spending the long weekend in Oliver with family, followed by hosting Uncle Adam and Auntie Aryana at home, leading into a plane trip to Saskatoon to see family, immediately followed by a camping trip with friends (don't worry, I'll post some pics of our fun in the next few days) we are finally home for a little while.

So it's Saturday morning, we have no where we need to be, nothing we have to do...

So we are just hanging out at home, or more specifically - on the couch.
Sylvie has not been enjoying the mosquitoes this season. Her right eye swelled up quite bad while we were in Saskatoon. After three days of benedryl, the swelling finally went down. However, the BC mosquitoes seem to love her too...and bit her on the same eyelid. Sigh...poor kid!
Just relaxing in our PJ's enjoying the weekend. We *might* check out the splash park this afternoon - we'll see!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far as well!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Late Father's Day Post

While our Saskatchewan family was visiting, we celebrated Father's Day with Cory's aunt and uncle, whom are affectionately known as Grandpa & Grandma to Sylvie. Here are most of us enjoying the short return of the summer weather visiting on the deck and watching the kids blowing bubbles (sorry no photo's this time with Grandma Margie - she was busy inside cooking supper, we'll make up for it next time!).

Eating corn on the cob with my Daddy!

Sylvie particularly enjoyed the motorized bubble blower, and spent a lot of the evening chasing her cousins and Daddy around with it.
Sylvie loves her Kelowna Grandparents, in particular he Grandpa Roy - who loves to spoil her (remember the Christmas photos - where a certain someone is encouraging Sylvie to jump on the furniture!) Every time we go to visit, Sylvie requests that Grandpa lifts her up to hit the wind chimes, she loves hearing the music.
But I'm not sure who enjoys it more, Sylvie or Grandpa Roy! Who do you think?
Happy Father's day to all the special Dad's in our life: Grandpa Cliff, Grandpa Irwin, Grandpa Roy, Sylvie's birth father, and Cory. We are truly blessed with all your caring and love!