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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off to the hospital in the morning...

Our bags are packed...we're ready to go...
 Mary, cute as a bug the day before surgery...

On Wednesday morning we will be getting up bright and early to take Mary to the hospital to have her cleft lip repair. We have been told Mary will need to be in the hospital overnight Wednesday, and maybe Thursday depending on how she is doing with eating, drinking and pain management. Mama will be staying with Mary overnight, and Daddy will be going back and forth between the hospital and home taking care of all the little details. 

We are very grateful to my brother Aaron and Lesly for coming to stay at our house to look after Sylvie for the next couple of days. I feel better knowing Sylvie will be in her own home and sleeping in her own bed at night. She will also be very happy to be spending time with her cousin Jacob. I hear Uncle Aaron and Aunty Lesly have lots of fun activities planned like swimming and going to an indoor play place to help the kids burn off all their energy. Although I am very sad, and nervous to be away from Sylvie for a couple of days (and overnight too...eck!) I know she will be in good hands, and Daddy will be there on and off to help with any questions. 

Depending on how things go in the hospital, I'm hoping Sylvie can come for a visit. I'm not sure how the girls will do being separated from each other, they have really become quite close this last month.
I think Mary is channeling her inner Elvis here... 

When Sylvie comes home with Daddy from preschool on the two days a week she attends, you should hear how excited Mary gets seeing her sister walk through the door. Although they fight like sisters, they are very concerned about one another. Sylvie always reminds us to "give Mary hugs and kisses at bedtime too" as we are tucking them in at night. Whenever Sylvie bonks her head or gets an owie, Mary gets quite upset and worried about her Jie Jie and will rub her back as I'm kissing the boo boo better. 
Giggling girls...

Mary has only been with us for 11 weeks...we hope we will be able to help her understand we are there for her and love her. We are also keeping our fingers crossed that we have an anesthesiologist who will allow one of us to go with Mary into the operating room until she is asleep. We made sure at our pre-surgical screening appointment to briefly explain the attachment process and Mary's history of abandonment, and our concerns about maintaining the trust she has placed in us (ie. concern about us handing her over to complete strangers, in a strange place, and then walking away). I'm not totally sure they understood, but we have to hope they did. I also worry about when she comes out of the surgery and is in recovery. We are told they will not let us be in the recovery room, but will bring us in as soon as possible. 

So I will be explaining again, tomorrow morning, our concerns about attachment, and Mary's limited understanding of English so they have a understanding that this is not a typical two year old, and to respect her unique past and experiences.   

Yes...I know she has socks on her hands, but she likes it!

Cory and I will be keeping everyone updated through the blog and FB during the day and evening as time permits, as it will be easier than calling and emailing all our concerned family members and friends. Please send us your positive thougts, vibes and prayers tomorrow.


  1. Will be thinking of you all...good luck!!

  2. Sending prayers to li'l Mary, and to Mama and Daddy, too! She'll do great, I just know it :)

  3. Sending prayers and best wishes!

  4. Hope the surgery goes off without a hitch.
    Caleb had tubes in a few months after he came home. They let me stay with him until he fell asleep. They stated that I wouldn't be allowed to go back to him until he was fully awake and had a popsicle. I barely sat down for the wait when the nurse came to get me. Caleb had freaked out upon waking up when he saw that I wasn't there. He had his popsicles sitting on my lap. I hope that your recovery room staff is sensitive to her needs.
    Sending good vibes for tomorrow

  5. I will be thinking of you all and sending lots of positive thoughts.


  6. Joyanne,

    You are an absolutely wonderful mother. I read this post and it makes me say "Wow, what a incredible Mama she is"!

    It also warms my heart to read about how these girls get along together. I really think Sylvie and Lilah and alike with their caring hearts. Lilah is always concerned about kids (or animals) in books that are hurt, sad, lost a shoe or whatever. She gets caught up in tradegy and has such a warm loving heart. I have to say, we would love another one, but I am always questioning what if what if what if! But when I see your girls together, it truly gives me the courage that yes, I absolutely do want to do this again. Especially for my Lilah girl.

    Oh and yes, Mary has totally got the Elvis look. I snorted out laughing at that, because it is so darn true!

    Thinking about you all tomorrow, especially sweet little Mary, she will be in my prayers. And I can only imagine that an experience like this will help your bond together grow stronger.

    Hugs, Jill.

  7. I'm praying for your sweet girl this morning. I hope the next two days go as well as they can and you are all back home (and feeling good) quickly.

  8. I will be thinking about you all and praying that all goes well for Mary and for Sylvie too. It is such a difficult to thing to go through and very emotional as a mother, so you will be in my prayers too!

    I too think this will form an even stronger bond, even in this situation, I hope you can enjoy the next few days, just holding your baby.