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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day One: Update #3

Well...that was not fun. They brought Mary to the Pediatric ward at 11:40am. She was apparently quite upset in Recovery and they called ahead to let us know. UNDERSTATMENT OF THE YEAR. We could hear her coming down the hall before we could see her. We went out into the hall to meet her and I went up to hold her hand (the nurse carrying her kind of backed away, didn't realize I was her Mama). They carried her into the room and placed her on my lap in the rocking chair.

The next hour was not fun for poor little Mary or her parents. Mary was quite confused and agitated, she wanted to get down and away from everyone (can't say we blame her) and it took both Cory and I to hold her and continue to reposition her into our lap. She continued to cry, kick her legs and bat us away for the next hour, I don't think she was very happy that her arms are in restraints either. Although this only lasted an hour, this was one of the longest hours of my life - it was heartbreaking to see how upset she was.

Finally the morphine drip arrived and within the next ten minutes she was beginning to calm down and even started getting droopy eyes. We laid her down in the crib but she was not going to go with that plan. We sat her back up and propped her up with some pillows and she then drifted off into a nap.

Mary's lip is now stitched together, there is quite a bit of blood around the incisions and she is still bleeding a little bit. Her nose is squished quite flat, and we are told that this will stretch out - but that she will be having a nose revision sometime in the next 6-9-12 months. They were able to pull her premaxilla back in but there is a small hole/fistula. This may get smaller with time, or likely they will close this up when she has her nose revision. Already there is such a difference in her appearance. 


  1. Oh, it breaks my heart... the poor girl! So swollen... she will look so good when all better. Still praying for you all.

  2. Bless her brave little heart and bless you! I hope her healing goes smoothly and she doesn't have too much discomfort. Thank you for sharing this story. Mary is a brave little girl!

  3. What a little angel... I know that some people get super agitated coming out of anesthesia ....and I can only imagine it is exhausting for all parties. Continued prayers for healing!

  4. sweet girl...maybe her and Miah can get their noses done together? ;)Miah goes in the Summer sometime


  5. "Wow - hello from Spice. "How come Mary has to sleep for the whole time? I think the new lip is good... is she feeling better now? I send you big hugs!!!! to feel you better."

    "Mary, you look so cute." says Sugar. "You still have a squishy nose. Why is htere blod and black things? When will you feel better? I'll play with you soon - and I can see your lip is better and you aren't closing your eyes at the docotr."

    And the adults say - hang in there Joy and cory.. we're here if you need anything!!
    The Rowans

  6. Ahhh recovery. That terrible no man's land that brings out the best in all of us. ;) Good job Mary AND Mom and Dad!

  7. It's breaking my heart, just reading this. I can't even imagine how hard this is to watch as a parent, seeing your child go through this. It looks very painful on the little sweetheart. But, what an incredible surgery this is, it's amazing. They did a super job.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers little Mary.


  8. Hi,
    Poor baby. I am so sad and sorry to read about all the bumps in the road. The straight arm splints bring me right back to Joshua's palate surgery. Thinking about you guys and hoping you all get through this as painfree and quickly as possible, Hugs