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Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Friends...

Good Friends...are worth their weight in gold.

Today after music class my two friends and I, along with our respective children, decided to go out for lunch at a local Indian Fusion restaurant downtown. The lunch buffet option makes a logical choice for little ones dining out (no waiting for food to be prepared, lots of choice in food options). 

While we were munching away on our naan bread and butter chicken, a gentleman came over to ask if we were out "on a field trip with the daycare". Luckily my friend "Nicky" is way more polite and gracious, and explained something along the lines about lunching with our children. My first reaction most likely would have been to say 'no' and give him the death glare. I guess I have lessons in graciousness to be learned still...sigh it's been a challenging couple of months dealing with inappropriate and thoughtless comments/questions, so I'm a little quick to jump the gun. 

We then convinced the gentleman to take our group picture before he left to go resume his lunch with his wife and older daughter. We could hear him remark to his wife that there were five children under 5, eating quietly and behaving wonderfully in the restaurant. It was nice to hear the kudos being given for our children's behavior. I was driving home today after lunch I was reflecting on how lucky I am to be supported by so many great friends. So to all my friends...thank you!


  1. Oh the comments.... I understand! It is great to have diverse friends and to learn from each other and have each other to lean on.

  2. I am stealing your picture - I wanted to do a post about this too! lol

  3. Cute picture. I enjoyed reading both yours and Nicky's versions of the story!

  4. I loved the morning with you guys! I'm so lucky that I get to see you every Friday!

  5. At the risk of correcting you - good friends aren't 'like gold' - good friends ARE gold! Rich the rewards for those with friends....

    Oh - and I reserve the death glare for the mean ones - the cute old ones - I just tease them really hard! ;) You will - eventually - get used to never being invisible again!

    hugs - aus and co.