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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Night and Monday Morning Update...

Mary had a good night sleeping in the PICU at Children's Hospital. We were not allowed to stay the night with her in the PICU, and the couches in the waiting rooms were already reserved for other families. The social worker at the hospital arranged for us to stay the night at the Easter Seal House, which is located two blocks away. Although it was hard to leave Mary, she has been sleeping/napping for most of her stay here. We also knew that in the PICU she had one-to-one nursing care, which made it a bit easier.

Mary was drinking some juice and milk last nigh from her feeder bottle and was able to keep it down. She is only on Tylenol for pain relief and is doing well with that as well.

It is Monday morning and we are now waiting for the doctors to complete their rounds. We *might* get discharged directly from the PICU and drive home TODAY!!!! Since we do not have all our supplies here (that happens when you are not prepared to fly to a different city) the nurses are getting some diapers, wipes and syringes (to feed Mary soft foods) ready for us for our drive.

When Mary wakes up from her morning siesta we are going to try to feed her some yogurt. Please keep your fingers crossed that we will get to go home today. I miss Sylvie terribly, our kitties, our house and our own daily routine.  


  1. So glad to hear you might be going today and that Mary is doing well! We are still waiting to get in to see Tahlia after her surgery.

    Best of luck today

    Christine, Todd, and Tahlia

  2. This is amazing!!! I knew from the start that she was a fighter but today she is really proving it!!! I hope that you were able to rest last night!! I am glad her health is improving!!

  3. So happy to hear that Mary is doing much better. My fingers are crossed that you will all get to go home today and see Sylvie.


  4. Such wonderful news! Praying for a home coming soon :)

  5. Hope you are back from Children's. Sending healing vibes to sweet Mary.
    Take care,