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Monday, June 27, 2011

Minor set back in lip healing...

It seems our little Mary is unable to catch a break. Last Tuesday I noticed a slight swelling on her upper lip and what looked like a little pimple/blister. It was very small, but Mary would point to it and say "Owww". We had a routine follow up appointment at the plastic surgeons the next week, but something didn't feel right to me. Cory called the surgeon's office and they fit us in that afternoon. Cory wasn't certain anything was amiss, but I insisted that I wanted it checked out in order to catch something before it happened, rather than playing catch up once it already occurred (or as Cory would say, trying to control things I have no control over!).

Anyhow it seems we went a couple days too early because the nurse and plastic surgeon did not see anything wrong yet, and thought that what Mary was feeling was the scar tissue building below her skin which does irritate some children. Mary's "blister" continued to grow over the next couple of days until it finally burst on Saturday morning, which then was actually more comfortable for Mary as the pressure was gone. I am thankful for a good friend who is currently going through this with her daughter, as she was able to provide me some much needed reassurance and cleaning care suggestions, preventing this over protective Mama from going to the local ER in the small little town we were visiting Grandpa and Grandma for the weekend!

At our scheduled appointment today the surgeon and nurse were able to confirm that Mary does indeed have an abscessed internal stitch. For some reason the stitch did not dissolve completely  and the body is now expelling it out. The surgeon did use some tweezers to help dislodge some material, which was not very much fun for poor Mary or her Mama (who really does not enjoy the sight of blood coming from her own child). The plastic surgeon and nurse were very kind to us and very gentle and sweet to Mary. I was worried about this affecting her scarring, which the surgeon said could happen, but was reminded again that Mary will most likely have revision surgery in the next year or so which will correct any effects from this.

Right now we are keeping the area clean by using peroxide and antibiotic cream several times a day. Although the area bothers her, Mary is a trooper and her sunny personality is not letting this get her down. Everyone at the surgeon's office today commented on her spunk and utter joy that she exudes.  
Last Sunday...

Today, a week later...

Once again, still lovely and beautiful, but - I just wish she could catch a break.


  1. It just hurts my heart to see her go through this setback, but look at her - ever the smiler and soldier. I know how much it hurts to see your gorgeous girl go through this. :(

    Praying for extra special healing. Do you use polysporin? Just curious.

    Hugs, Jill.

  2. Yes, we are using polysporin, along with the peroxide first to clean the area. We call the peroxide the "fizz, fizz stuff" and the polysporin the "soft gooey stuff". She thinks it is funny ;)

  3. she is beautiful beyond compare joyanne

  4. Hi Joyanne. I saw a post of yours on the adoptcleft forum and stopped by. I am very sorry to hear Mary's healing has hit a bump in the road. I will be sending healing thoughts her way!


  5. Tai also had a few internal sutures that worked their way out instead of dissolving like the surgeon thought they would. I snipped them and treated with peroxide and antibiotic ointment.They healed quickly, but it made his scar somewhat thicker on one side, and his surgeon plans to inject some steroid into the scar while he is anesthetized for his palate surgery. I think you are right, there will likely be revisions for him as well. In any case, Mary is adorable, and I am so glad she is bouncing back so well!

  6. Poor girl... I so hope this is the LAST setback. Sending some healing vibes her way!

  7. I cannot believe that both Mary and Miah have had this happen at the same time!!! My heart aches for them horrible after all little Mary has already been through!! Will be praying that this will resolve itself quickly...and praising God for Mary's incredible spirit!! :) Hang in there mamma...

  8. Mary is as beautiful as ever and this is just another bump in the road... good thing she has an intuitive mama! I am glad she has such joy, even throughout the painful process of this all... she has great spirit!

  9. Poor Mary - she really can't catch a break!! She looks so upbeat, happy and beautiful. Its hard keeping such a close eye on the healing process but you are doing an amazing job!!

  10. Sorry to hear about the awful bump in the healing road...ouch! Poor Mary! Festering stitches are no fun at all.

    Wishing her a complete healing! She is really amazing to handle all of this so well and she is so lucky to have such an intutitive Mama!

  11. Amazing how quickly the body can heal. She looks great! The pictures are also adorable. I love "sibling" pictures.
    Thanks for all the support while we were away, I really appreciated it!

  12. Morning guys - sorry I'm late to the party on this one - but - they make a polysporin and lidocaine combination - and that can really take the ouch out of something like that after the fizz fizz stuff!!

    Still - I think she looks great!!

    And as for your last post - that's beyond serious cuteness!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  13. Thanks for your comment! Your girls are beautiful.


  14. Oh THAT'S the stictch you were talking about. I thought it looked a little red........