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Monday, June 6, 2011

Jammies from Grammie!

We have been very busy at the Drinkwater house lately, with Mary's surgery, recovery time and then finally...summer weather has arrived. However, I found a few minutes today to down load all the pictures from the past month and found some cute ones. These pictures are from May, just two weeks before Mary's lip surgery.

Look who's got some new jammies for night time!

Grandma Shirley has been busy sewing up some new jammies for our little girls, and they are just too cute not to share!

I had a little grumble and giggle when going through these pictures. You see, we have a "rule" about not sitting on the book shelf on the beds. Yet, it appears Daddy was either not *aware* of this rule, or he thought it would make a good photo opportunity.

So I didn't expect to see this... 
Or this... I can almost see Sylvie's smirk of satisfaction on her face!
What are you doing next Sylvie? 
 What? Standing on the bed, or is that jumping?!? Yet another safety "".  
Oh should be an interesting conversation at dinner tonight when I causally *inquire* about these pictures to Daddy! 

Thank you Grandma Shirley for the jammies! 
We liked that you picked fabric with kitties on them for us.


  1. Hilarious! So glad there has only been one rule broken or 'not been aware of'. Hopefully it will be the last one too!! haha

  2. Too cute! Love the jammies... how did the talk go?

  3. Hahahaa!! I'm dying here!! And I'm not too sure if Sylvie's smirk is because she's sitting on the shelf or becuase her ball is bigger than Mary's! ;) Lilah has that same beach ball, in fact that's what she told me she wanted last Christmas. Funny!

    Would love to see your husband's face when you bring this up! I imagine he probably broke the rules! Daddies are ALL about breaking the rules, it happens in this house now and again too! :)

    Love love love the jammies, and especially Mary's nighty. So adorable.


  4. Great updates! Love the PJ's - and glad that the stiches came out OK. I'm no doc - but it looks to me like things went great!

    hugs - aus and co.

  5. Love the jammies! I bet Daddy broke the rules! Hope your "talk" went well ;)

  6. okay, I want to adopt Grandma Shirley! The girls are beautiful! Enjoy!

  7. Joyanne,
    So happy to hear that things are going well!!
    It looks like things are healing wonderfully!
    Yea!!! We have just scheduled Tai's palate surgery for late August...onward and upward!
    I have thought about you and your little Mary many many times, and am so thrilled she is doing great!!
    Anne (Mom to Tai, the little boy who had a very similar bilateral cleft lip and palate)

  8. Joyanne, I haven't been on here for a month. Mary's lip looks amazing! Both girls are as sweet as can be and look sooooooooooooo happy!