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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I know, I know... being busy isn't any excuse!

Sorry for the absence in posting to the blog. My only excuse is that we have been busy trying to have lots and lots of fun!

I know many have emailed or Facebooked asking about Mary's lip. We *think* we are on the upswing now. We have had several days in a row now where the abscess on her lip is getting smaller and is not expelling pus and blood. For the last three weeks, her lip would get better for a couple of days, and then is would get worse again. Our plastic surgeon has been great about seeing us every week to monitor Mary's healing, but we were starting to get a little tired of weekly appointments. We are very happy that her body has taken care of this stitch on it's own, and avoiding the possibility of having to undergo a small day surgery to open up and clean out her abscess. So thank you for all your kind emails and messages, we just didn't know how to respond confidently before now.   

Although summer time weather has been delayed and inconsistent, we have been out and about making the most of our summer vacation. Here is a quick sneak peak at some of the fun we have been having...

Going to the water park...

Our first camping trip of the year - Gallagher Lake 
Although it was chilly at night and early morning, it was a great trip
So great, that the girls were tuckered out each night!

Second Camping Trip: Whatshan Lake
The true test of fun being had - dirty hands and feet at the end of the day!

A trip down to the coast to visit family...and the ocean, and Chinatown, and ride 
the Sky Train, City transit buses, Sea Buses, escalators and elevators... 
Where the girls learned: What's better than one Uncle?
Two Uncles!

Hope you are busy enjoying your summer as well!


  1. So happy to hear that Mary's healing so well! Love the summery pictures Joyanne! Bout time we got this kind of weather eh? (-:

  2. update!! :) So glad to hear that Mary's lip is finally healing...what a roller coaster for you guys...we will continue praying! Happy to see you enjoying 'summer' to it's fullest...we will be taking Thea on her first camping experience next weekend! :) Can't wait to spend some time together...
    Gayle :)

  3. I'm so happy to hear that Mary's lip appears to be healing up!!!

    It looks like you and the girls are having a great time enjoying summer! Hooray!

    By the way, are you a GWCA family? I *think* I remember seeing you on the Waiting Child forum.


  4. So glad to hear that Mary's lip is healing! Hooray!

    Looks like you have had some great family time together despite any uncertain weather. Hoping for everyone across our the country that the month of August is more agreeable for camping!

  5. Looks like you are having a busy but great summer, getting out everywhere.

    I am glad Mary's lip is finally healing!