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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our girls...

Warning: Serious cuteness ahead - be prepared!

And my personal favorite from the day...


  1. I'm glad you warned me about the cuteness! I also adore the one your personal fave, I think I already commented on it on FB.

    Love how both their hair is in the same 'do'!

    These pictures make me SO excited to have two too! :)


  2. Oh my Word , I love the this Pigtail phase when they stick up like that! *sigh* adorable!

  3. That is some serious cuteness! Those pigtails and those smiles are adorable!

  4. Sooooo cute! I love how Mary's eyes all but disappear when she is smiling so big!!...and the one of her covering her mouth is too cute...almost like she is trying to stop herself from smiling!

    They are absolutely adorable!!!

    Gayle :)

  5. Thanks for the cuteness warning...totally needed with these photo's!

    They are a simply an adorable pair in that big chair! Love the smiles... :)

  6. Oh yeah... sigh. Pigtails. :) Your girls are delightful!

    So sorry to hear about Mary's lip. I sure wish things were easier for her. Hoping you can get through this quickly and get on with your summer!