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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza...

We had a wonderful long weekend visiting family and friends. We also managed to take a short trip to visit some of Joyanne's relatives. We picked up Sylvie's cousin Kate along the way. Thankfully she kept Sylvie occupied and happy by reading books and feeding her fruit loops.
Easter baskets for the three cousins, luckily the Easter Bunny knew where we would be.

Checking out the goodies...

Waiting until the Easter egg hunt begins. What better way to make the time fly by than playing around with Daddy!
Easter Egg hunt #1 at the local community center. Sylvie's cousin Kate was too old to enter (you needed to be younger than 8), so she helped Sylvie learn the ropes for finding the best eggs. Then later, we snuck Kate all of Sylvie's candy so I don't think she was too disappointed in being too old to participate!

Sylvie liked running around on the big field the best.

We also tried face painting for the first time. Here we are making Easter bunny faces.

Then it was time for coloring eggs and a SECOND Easter egg hunt that Grandpa Cliff puts on for the grandkids every year.

Grandpa is pretty tricky and hides those eggs good! Poor Jacob had to reach into the prickly bush, but that didn't slow him or Sylvie down!

It was a wonderful first Easter together. We love celebrating all these "firsts" with Sylvie. Happy Easter from the Drinkwater's!


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Looks like it was a fun weekend! I love Sylvie's little ponytails! And of the course the bunny faces...

  2. Looks like Grampa's egg hunt was a hit with your little bunny!
    Isn't is fun to enjoy the first with our little ones!!! I think the seconds will be just as exciting if not more so when they completly understand whats going on.

    Ps. I'm lovin the dark and light paint lilac in your room!!!

  3. Love the face painting! She and her mommy make cute easter bunnies!


  4. Joyanne! Thanks for the comment on my blog. It is fun to have something new. It is really fun to follow your blog too. Our daughters are sister for life you know? :) Syliva is just precious!

  5. Hello. Saw your blog link on CAT and seeing as you were Canadian, I came to your blog, and what lovely pictures of your DD! She looks like a very happy and well-attached little girl! Canadian here also, from Vancouver area, and we adopted a 21 mos.old girl from Guangxi in Fall 08. She is doing very well and is now 3 yr. old. Great to read of Canadian experiences, and you are in the same province! We enjoyed our China trip very much, and Nanning was a great place to be during the first week before going to Beijing. Zoe-Ann, Brian, and Alexa