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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ten Terrific Months...

Ok, so only two more months until we have been at family for a year. I figure since we have been posting on each month, we will keep it up until then. So... over the past month Sylvie has been:

- Working on adding more words to her vocabulary. She now has about 75 words she says independently on her own.

- Discovered a fascination with scissors and her hair, luckily she didn't get close - but she spots scissors anytime they are out on the counter.

- Plays with her bears and babies in the morning while we are getting ready for the day. She takes out her kitchen set and makes breakfast for the bears and babies and feeds them wit her play spoon. She also is intent on diapering her many stuffies, she hasn't been too successful yet with getting the diapers to stay on but she is persistent.

- Loves shoes, boots, sandals - especially Mama's. Throughout the day and evening I think she tries on every shoe in my closet and stomps/shuffles around the house. She has a particular fondness for my DC skate shoes, and loves to untie and pull the laces out.

- She is now using names for her little friends and she also says their name before we can - so we're pretty sure she knows what names are for.

- When we pull out of the driveway to go out, she calls goodbye to each kitty as we are driving away ie. "Bye bye Georgie...bye bye Ally... bye bye Tuffy". She doesn't need any prompting to remember all three anymore. And as we were leaving daycare on Monday, while backing out the driveway she spontaneously called "Bye bye Rino (the hamster)...bye Java (the dog)".

- She gallops. No seriously, she doesn't walk or run through the house - she gallops. It is quite cute to watch her bouncing along.

- She has moved into her "big girl bed". While I loved...LOVED... the crib - her gymnastic skills have been used for both good and evil. It is just a matter of time before she vaults herself over the crib rail and onto the floor. So in an effort to avoid a broken collar bone, arm ect. We moved her to her new big girl bed. We'll let you know how this transition is going...

- Gymnastics is just wrapping up. She can jump like nobody's business on the trampoline and does a mean bum drop. She won't hang on the bars, but hangs on the door handles/counters/sinks everywhere else so it'll come. She also climbs like rockwall in about 30 seconds and pulls her body over top to slide down the other side.

Here's a few pictures from gymnastics class...

The balance beam. Yes I can see she is not actually standing on it here, but she can walk along it now slowly without holding my hand most of the time.

Playing in the school bus. It is one of the stations in their circuit they do.

And her most favorite thing, flopping on the mats.


  1. Oh how much she has grown in such a short amount of time. Y'all must feel so proud, so thrilled, so full of love.

  2. Hey there! I don't have your email, so I thought I'd leave another comment. [And if you share your email, drop me a line at tonggumomma(at)gmail(dot)com.]

    Yes, I find it very challenging to eat at other people's homes. I usually eat ahead of time, which sounds awful, but I don't really have a choice.

    And I vaguely remember Ketchup-gate. Yep... that was the beginning of the end, wasn't it?