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Monday, April 12, 2010

I Love my Dada!

Sylvie's favorite thing to do right now is get a shoulder ride from her Dada. The first time or two she wasn't to sure about the whole idea, but now - watch out! We have been encouraging her to say "Daddy", but she just laughs at us and says "Dada". Oh well!

Her most favorite part of the ride? Telling Daddy to "Go!" and Stop!"
Here's a short video of them racing around the kitchen.

I'm very glad Sylvie has this special activity to do with her Daddy. Thankfully she hasn't clued in that she "could" ask Mama for a shoulder ride ;)


  1. Daddy's pretty tall, she better learn to duck!

  2. So fun! Daddy's are great! I love hearing her say "Go Go"

  3. To cute with the pony tails. Your family looks so happy.