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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our New Canadian Citizen!

We have finally received Sylvie's citizenship card in the mail last week. Cory has spent considerable time on the phone, Internet and in person to ensure this procedure was completed correctly.

Sylvie entered Canada as a Permanent Resident, but now has finally received her Citizenship. We were happy to see that the card arrived with her name spelt correctly and all information accurate. Only took five months! Our next step will be to apply for her passport, hopefully she is able to take a better picture for that one!

The part we liked best on the letter for Citizenship and Immigration Canada was welcoming Sylvie to her new Canadian family:


  1. AWESOME!!!!! Welcome to the family, Sylvie! (though really, you were a part of it the moment your Mama and Daddy said "YES!")

  2. That is great! I hope we get ours soon too. It will be couple of weeks they said...

  3. That's great news!

    I was very lazy about this process and just got it sent away a few months ago. Anyway, I got part A back last week and now they are ready for part B...unfortunately we need her PR card for our trip to Ireland so I can't sent it in until January.

    It's SUCH a crazy time consumming process!