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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Visit...Take One and Take Two

Santa Visit Take One:
Last week, while picking up some presents at the mall, I decided to take Sylvie to go meet Santa. We had practiced all week what we say to Santa "Ho,Ho,Ho". Since is was early in the morning, there was no line up - so I figured we would not have to rush the visit and have a positive experience.

In the ten minutes before Santa arrived Sylvie was waving to the various store clerks and trying to climb through the fence into the miniature North Pole to pet the penguins and reindeer. Once Santa arrived however, it did not go so well. I tried to put Sylvie on the floor in front of Santa (a better plan than sitting her on his knee - or so I thought) but she was having none of that. Much crying ensued, and thus no picture.

Santa Visit Take Two:

Let's try this again Mama...

Today, Cory's Fire hall and their wives put on a kid's Christmas party every year for all the kids of the fire fighters. Santa is the guest of honor and makes an appearance to hand out toys for the kids. We weren't sure how Sylvie would do with Santa's arrival, but she was great.

I think having all the other kids around getting excited and going up to see him was good modelling for her. I took Sylvie up and knelt down in front of Santa with her. She was doing so well with the Jolly Old Guy, that she even gave him a smile and a high five.

Here are a few other pictures from the day...

Hey Daddy... Look - there's Santa!

Kisses for Mama

Group Picture with all the kids and Santa

Cool Present - A kitchen set


  1. that first photo is so cute...sorry she was so upset, but still looks cute! My 6 year old has NEVER sat on Santa's knee...she won't get anywhere near the guy. I might take Miah and Mackenzie next week and see what happens...

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the 1st picture! lol! That girl has lungs!

  3. Sylvia is truly a Canadian child now, as that first picture looks like everybody else's first photo with Santa. Hilarious!
    Maggie :)

  4. Grandpa & GrandmaDecember 16, 2009 at 4:58 PM

    She is the cutest, even when she is crying!!I'm sure that's not just because we're Grandma & Grandpa.