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Sunday, December 13, 2009

How we know it's Christmas...

For the past few years (about eight) we have celebrated the arrival of the Christmas season with our good friends and their two children. We go to a local church and watch their usually outstanding production of the Nativity Story. In addition to the play, they also have an outdoor mini Bethlehem with animals, soldiers, and shop keepers. It has now become a tradition to go together at the beginning of December, and this usually signifies the start of the Christmas season for us.

We started doing this together before both of their boys were born, and now the oldest is in school and the youngest will be next year. We have always enjoyed going together, and even more so once their boys came along and we could see their excitement over seeing the animals and eating the homemade cookies.

Our Friends and their sons

Now this year, we were finally able to bring our daughter to experience the wonderment of mini Bethlehem, to pet the sheep and cluck at the hens. She did awesome during the play, enjoyed clapping at the end of the different scenes and kept pointing at baby Jesus on stage and repeating "Baby...Shhhhh....".

Sylvie and Daddy waiting outside (it was - 10)

Sylvie and Mama (with cold, pink noses)


  1. She sure gets cuter everyday! We missed the event this year, as the girls Christams Musical fell on the same weekend....we have been in the past and really enjoyed it!

  2. I think that it has been at least ten years... it was so special having Sylvie there this year.


  3. It is great that this year you can have Sylvie to share in all your Christmas traditions... it will make it extra special!

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  5. let's try and post this again...

    We went there too with our boys on Sunday. It was our first time and they loved it!

    Merry Christmas to your lovely family!!!