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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Surgery Redux....

So, we are at the eve of surgery number three for our dear Mary. She will be heading into the operating room first thing tomorrow morning for the next crack at her lip surgery. We have met with doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and the like and all have our munchkin's best interests at heart... So we just have to get up bright and early and head to the hospital and prepare for another bought of unknown. I have no doubt in anyone that we will come across in the upcoming days, but it will still be hard on everyone, especially Mary. Trying to make the best of what will happen is foremost in my mind, but so is the past few months that I have seen her heal and finally "recuperate" from her surgeries past... And here we go again... With that, we will try and keep everyone in the loop on how things progress. Wish us luck and we will keep your thoughts, wishes, prayers, and the like all in hand to get Mary through the next weeks. Stay tuned...

C & J & S & M


  1. Keeping Mary (and all of you) in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Joyanne,

    We hope everything goes well this time. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


  3. We will be praying for Mary tomorrow and hope everything goes smoothly this time!

  4. Praying for Mary today...
    ~Chris in Colorado