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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Two...

Sorry, still no pictures today. The internet on the Ped's ward is not working - even though Cory couldn't resist slipping into the room and resetting the server. So no chance to update the blog while Mary was napping or otherwise entertained. I will try to remember to send Cory home with the camera tomorrow and see if he can upload so pictures then, otherwise you will need to wait until we are settled back at home.

Mary is doing much better today. Her appetite is back and she has been enjoying eating her applesauce, yogurt, soups and pudding. She also has developed a hankering for Popsicles and Daddy has been a sport cutting them up into little "Popsicle bites" that we can slip into her mouth. Her pain is being managed with Tylenol with Codeine, and although we needed a dose of Motrin yesterday when that was not being effective, she has been fine with just Tylenol and Codeine today. It was nice to see more and more of her personality show through as the day progressed.

She is definitely back to her two and a half year old active self, we spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon completing walking laps of the Ped's ward. Mary enjoys walking by the nursing station and calling out a loud "huuuuulllllllooooo" to all the nurses and doctors on duty. It has been hard keeping her calm and quiet, as we walk we are having to remind her no jumping down the hall. We have commandeered a ride on car toy from the playroom and Mary spent most of her waking hours in the car. She does not want to be in the bed unless it is sleeping time, so we have parked the car in front of her bed and this is where she eats her meals, plays with her toys, and watches TV.

We saw one of our plastic surgeons today and he felt everything is looking good. There is quite a bit more swelling today and her face is also puffy (maybe also due to the IV) but there are no signs of infection or the surgery site dehissing. She is still bleeding a bit through her nose, but it is less than yesterday. Mary hates feeling the blood on her face though and keeps pointing and telling us "Boogers" and asking us to wipe her nose! Gotta love two year olds!

Our surgeon has said we will continue to stay in the hospital to be monitored tonight and tomorrow night. If everything is looking good we can go home sometime on Saturday. The other plastic surgeon will be seeing us tomorrow and Saturday, and will be the one to discharge us. They are being extra cautious and want Mary to continue for the next little bit on IV antibiotics, and after we are discharged she will continue a course of oral antibiotics.

So that means Daddy is staying tonight in the hospital with Mary. Cory and I have been texting and he said she is sleeping soundly and snoring like a log. Cory is keeping himself busy with the nine seasons of MacGyver that he down loaded in preparation for his turn overnight. I was lucky enough to make it home in time to tuck Sylvie into bed and hear about her adventures of the day with Grandma and Grandpa. The big event of the day was the chance to hold a snack - eek! Apparently the local park they went to had a bunch of exhibits open to the public to learn about the environment and someone was there giving a presentation on snakes.     

Anyhow, I am exhausted from these last two days and after folding some laundry I am off to bed. I think I am going to sneak in and sleep in Sylvie's room, it has been hard not seeing her these last two days. Looking forward to when we are all home together...


  1. I'm picturing you all cuddled up in Mary's bed right now :) I'm sure Sylvie will love waking up to having her mama in the same room!

    So happy and relieved to hear that all has gone so well for little Mary's surgery...been thinking of you all and praying tons!

    Gayle :)

  2. I haven't commented but I wanted you to know I'm following along and praying!

  3. Glad to hear that all is going well and that Mary is up and happy and doing well.

  4. Hi Joy - I'm having a hell of a time getting to come and see you. We've been up to our ears in caring for MAggie (tellyou later..) today she is better, but I can't seem to find anyone to ditch the kids with. So I'll try to come over tonight at the least... Hopefully I'll catch you!

  5. Praying that this repair sticks !!! I know how difficult it is to watch your little one go thru these surgeries, and times of healing. Mary is beautiful...just think of how far she has come in 6 months !!! I still can't believe how much she reminds me of my Mari-Grace. Someday ... we will have to get the 2 of them together !

  6. So glad to hear that things are progressing in a positive way! We are still praying for Mary. Glad the surgeons are being extra cautious.

    I just laughed reading about Mary and the car! Must be a two year old thing because our girl was the same way with both a car and a little ankle bitting shopping cart during our hospital stay!

    Hope you are home soon! Wishing Mary a speedy recovery.