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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post Operative Pictures...

One of the things we found most helpful when trying to anticipate Mary's surgery were the pictures other parents shared of their children's healing progress. We didn't know exactly what to expect to see when Mary cam out of surgery, or how the healing progress would go. So to help Mary understand one day what she went through, and to help other families that are about to undergo this process, here are the first few days after surgery for Mary's bilateral cleft lip (third surgery). 

Surgery Day, just after arriving back from the recovery room and having a nap beside Mama...
 One day after surgery, our little Rocky prize fighter. There were actually fingerprint bruises on the left side of her face...

Two days after surgery, swelling is going down slowly, you can see how her left side is still more swollen than the right...

Three days after surgery (finally at home!)...

Four days after surgery, this is Mary trying to say "Cheese"...

Since this is our third go around, the surgeons have told us that we can start relaxing one week after surgery. I am counting down the days until Tuesday. I think one of the hardest parts for me right now (besides the most obvious - seeing your baby in pain) is the fear. The fear that she might develop another infection, the fear that the surgery site may not hold, the fear that she might have to go through this all over again. We check her surgery site throughout the day and night so ensure everything is as it should be. When the kids got up this morning I had to ask Cory to look for me and report back, I was just too anxious to even see. Mary was in the hospital those extra couple of days to be on IV antibiotics and she is continuing with oral antibiotics at home now to prevent the development of an infection this time. Continued prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated and welcomed.


  1. I am praying for her. She looks great... Keep us informed throughout the week!

  2. Keeping her in my prayers. I hope everything goes well this time around!

  3. Poor little thing...breaks my heart to see the pictures of her like that. So glad that everything is still going well with her recovery...come on Tuesday!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures me a bit of insight as to what's to come for us.

    Will definitely continue to pray for little Mary and for your family!

  4. Praying for her still...I am so glad to see that she is home and everything is looking good this time around!

    Thanks for keeping us informed!

  5. She is one tough little trooper.

    Alex and family

  6. So far so good...One day left right? Keeping you in my prayers.
    Mom to another Datong sweetie

  7. Just lettin' y'all know we're holding you in our hearts and prayers - come on Tuesday!!

    hugs - aus and co.

  8. We're all sending you our thoughts and hugs...

  9. The positive thoughts and prayers are still coming from our house to yours. And, a big hug for your courageous daughter (and for you, her amazing parents).

  10. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for a quick healing...Way to go!!

  11. So glad Mary's little lip seems to be 'holding' this time. Thanks for the pictures -- it's nice to see what others are going through too -- that's why we did it too. I'll be praying for a smooth recovery for you guys -- this time.


  12. Aww, I've been praying for her.
    Sending her love and hugs from Ottawa.