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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Update on Mary...

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give an update on our Mary's lip surgery failure.

Mary's lip is now split completely open, the most painful part for her was the bottom of the lip actually separating. The past three nights have made it difficult for her to sleep due to the pain - she had her first night of semi decent sleep last night, thank goodness (that meant Mama and Daddy did too). 

At this point her premaxilla (the part of her lip/teeth that was protruding) is still holding, and we think it will continue to remain in place - however, only time will tell. Her cleft was a complete cleft and did go all the way into her nasal cavity. At this point it looks like her it is still slowly opening back up into her nostrils, especially on her left side (where it was the widest). We are not sure if it will open back up into her nasal cavity, as the doctors said it will all just depend, it may hold, it may not.

It is kinda hard to wait and watch, because I really just wanted some level of success from this surgery, and if it holds, she would not need to have this part corrected in the next surgery (in my mind making the next surgery a little easier on her). Plus, I know it sounds silly, but she looks so cute with nostrils (not that she wasn't gorgeous before, but you know what I mean). 

We met with our plastic surgeons again yesterday afternoon. The plan now is to wait for the edges of her lip to heal and new skin to grow there. If they were to do the surgery before this happened, they explained it would be like trying to stitch together "crab meat" and the stitches would not hold. We will be going back to the plastic surgeons each week for them to continue to assess and monitor her healing. When I asked what their time line was (understanding that it is all specific to how fast the healing goes) we were told to expect it to take about 3 months before the skin heals enough for another surgery. This was a little disappointing for me, as in my mind I thought we would have to wait a few weeks, but I understand this is what is best for Mary. 

I just wanted to thank everyone again for their support and messages to this post. I was so upset and disappointed last week, but have been trying to put everything into a better perspective now. We are thankful that there is no permanent damage, and that another surgery will be possible in the next few months. 


  1. Wow, Mary is going through so much and I hate to hear that she is in pain still. She is a beautiful girl and the surgeons know what they are doing and will do their best with her!

  2. It's so sad to hear that Mary will need to go through that all over again. It sounds like you have faith in your medical team so hopefully, with time, things will work out and it will all be a distant memory. Bless her little heart. She is a very brave little girl and you are very strong parents. It's wonderful that she has her mommy and daddy to see her through!

  3. Please keep us all posted. I will be adding Mary to my prayer list and that the next surgery will be a success!

  4. Well, I am just so happy that Mary has you and Cory and Sylvie.... she will get through this and though it might be a climb, the view from the top will be awesome. :)

  5. I'm thankful to read the update Joyanne. I'm so sad that mary has been in pain. I had been so hopeful that she would be able to avoid it. I am really glad that she's being monitored and I have high hopes that the next time will be the last time.

  6. I have no idea what you are all going through, but I want you to know that I still think about you often.

    I can't even imagine how disappointed you are about the success level of this surgery. I know I would have felt exactly the same. I am so thankful you can find the positive in this now, it is hard, and it probably would have taken me a lot longer...but that shows what an amazing mother you are Joyanne.

    I'm praying for Mary, that she heals quickly and doesn't have to endure so much pain. It brings tears to my eyes thinking that this little girl has gone through enough already. I can't imagine how difficult this is a Mother. From one Mama to another, my heart breaks for your little one. I'm praying.

    Take care of yourself and your beautiful little family. Hugs for Mary.


  7. Oh no, We are so sorry to hear about Mary's surgery struggles and that she has been in pain. We will be praying for her comfort during this healing time and for success with the next surgery.

    You are amazing parents to weather this storm so graciously...may God give you the strength to continue to do what is good for Mary. She is a lucky little girl to have such great parents!

  8. You guys are a seriously class act! I'm always sorry to hear that a child is in pain - but imagine what her life would be like without her forever family! We'll keep ya'll in our hearts and prayers!

    And I'm moved to mention this little quip - Do you know how you eat and elephant? You do that just like anything else - one bite at a time - it just takes a little longer....

    All things in their season -

    hugs - aus and co.

  9. Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. Our thoughts are with you!!!