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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our first princess...

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE Sylvie. My first baby will soon be turning (GASP) three years old. She is definitely a little girl now, and is talking up a storm.
Some of the cute things she says lately...
  • "Mama/Daddy look at my eyes". 
This is Sylvie's most common phrase and she says this to us when we are not paying complete attention to her when she is talking. I wonder where she might have picked this up from? The best example of this was yesterday when I was cleaning up some kitty vomit in the bathroom, and Sylvie found some more in the kitchen. She walks over to our cat Georgie and says "Georgie...look at my eyes - no more getting sick on the floor". Somehow I don't think Georgie is going to listen to her...sigh. 

  • "Ma-mia"
Sylvie often calls me Mama and Ma-Mia. But lately, she has started to begin to say Mom and Mommy while slyly looking at my reaction as she does so. I knew this would happen eventually, especially since the children she goes to daycare with say "Mommy"...but I really will miss being Ma-mia.

  • "Mary, go...(open the door/get out of bed/bring me a toy)"
Maybe it is a little unfair, but I love listening and watching the girls on the video baby monitor while they are 'supposed' to be sleeping in their room. Sylvie is a really good listener and follows the expectations at bedtime/nap time. Two of the expectations are to stay in your bed, and no playing with toys in the bed. So our little rule abider follows the rules to a tee, she doesn't get out of the bed and she doesn't bring toys to the bed (we're not really that mean, she does have a large assortment of stuffy friends to hug and cuddle on her bed). However, she realized pretty quick the benefits of having a little sister and will call out to Mary to go and bring her a toy, or go open the bedroom door. Diabolical she is!   

  • Mama...are these Daddy's panties? 
We were all folding and putting away laundry one afternoon and as I was folding each article of clothing, Sylvie would tell me whose it was and what it was. So she is telling me Sylvie's shirt...Mary's pants....Mama's socks ect. Then as I am folding Cory's ahem... undergarments, Sylvie looks at me and says Daddy's panties? I pause, consider, look evilly at at Cory and answer "Yes sweetie, those are Daddy's panties".   

  • "I smell good"
Sylvie loves to watch Mama and Daddy get ready in the morning. If we are brushing our hair, she needs the obligatory touch up on her hair too, if I am putting on my make up she needs a little blusher too. So when she sees us putting on deodorant or cologne she of course wants to try. All through the day she will hold up her arm, take a sniff and proclaim loudly "I smell good". Only slightly embarrassing when we are grocery shopping.   


  1. Love love love the panties conversation... poor daddy! They do get to be very clever at this age and a little bit sneaky too, but it is fun to watch them grow and see how they see the world around them.

  2. These are brilliant! I love the 'Daddies panties' one - poor Cory! And the 'look at my eyes' one, which she told the cat! Hahaa! Gosh she's funny.

    Oh and yes, I hear Lilah sneak out the odd Mummy too, and it almost brings tears to my eyes. Sniff. I love being called Mama!

    She's only three, wow. Don't know why, but I always thought she was similiar age to Lilah.


  3. Oh {gasp}! So funny! You are smart to record these. :)

  4. Clever girl - maybe even extremely clever - reminds me of our 3 year old - going on 13 or so!!

    hugs - aus and co.