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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing together...

Sometimes I just need to stop and take a moment to realize just how awesome both of my girls are. Having two 2 year olds can at times be pretty overwhelming, but also so rewarding. They are now able to play nicely with each other and can usually do so for 30 minute periods with only minor referring required.
This morning they pulled out dumped all the mega blocks over the floor and started building. I think it is interesting the novelty some of our old toys have for Sylvie now. She had no interest in playing with the mega blocks before (or the wooden stacking blocks either), but now that Mary likes then - watch out, Sylvie's in there like a dirty shirt!

It's still pretty cold outside (mostly due to the wind), but no fun sitting in the house all day long. So we bundle up and take little walks around the neighborhood. Sylvie insists on holding Mary's hand when we are out walking, and is trying to teach Mary to call out "Car Coming". She is also showing her Mei Mei where all the friendly neighborhood cats and dogs are to pet.
We have to keep reminding Sylvie that Mary can't do everything she can, like running for example. Mary is getting close to being able to run and jump up and down on two feet, but it can't come fast enough for her Jie Jie.

As you can see in the pictures Mary is back to her normal activities, but sleep is still an issue we are working on. She is still wakening several times a night crying, as well as during nap time. While she is easily consoled and lulled back into sleep, it is very exhausting for her and us parents. Poor Mary has circles under her eyes some days from the lack of consistent deep sleep. 

We saw the plastic surgeon again on Tuesday, and he said everything is healing nicely and to come back and see him again in two weeks. Mary can use her cleft bottle again, she can eat anything she would like (not just soft foods), and we can start brushing her teeth - yey! They are having us use steri strips to help pull Mary's lip together, and it also provides some protection against bumping and brushing against her lip. The surgeon still thought it would be another month or two before they will reattempt to repair Mary's cleft lip. 


  1. I LOVE the girls hats too cute. I hope her lip heals quickly and she can get a good nights sleep.

  2. Thankyou for posting that video. I needed a laugh!!! ADORABLE

  3. It is great to have a sister, especially one so close in age! Love the video.

  4. I loved the video too! A Mei Mei and a Jie Jie are so special (ups and down aside) it will be a special bond. You can just see it in how they are already interacting!

  5. Great stuff - glad to see ya'll out and about! Two of our three had that 'sleep thing' too - one of them went on for over a year - the jury is still out on the other one, but, I promise you that no matter how long it takes - it will resolve!

    Great joy - hugs - aus and co.

  6. Your girls are beautiful! Loved that video of them :)

  7. Mary looks like she is doing great. Praise God. YES, having two little the girls the SAME age ROCKS! Very hard at first, but it is a blessing every single day. Mine are off playing together all day long and it makes my heart so happy and warm that they have each other....just like your two! What a gift! For us and them! :)

  8. Oh those two girls are so cute!! Mary's lip is looking great you must be so pleased!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and leaving a post!!

  9. Hi,
    The girlies look great! Sweet to have each other. How is Mary doing?

  10. Oh you are a lucky lucky Mama with these two beautiful girls. I love that Sylvie wanted Mary to lie down on her tummy too! And Mary is so concentrated on the lego, in that movie, she is going to go far!

    I also adore the one little pony, or palm tree, like we used to call it! :)

    Yeah for solid food and teeth brushing! :) I pray that her next surgery will go great. She is such a positive girl though. Honestly, I see her smiling in every photo after everything she's been through and it makes me tear up. Way to be happy sweet Mary.

    Now lets all have some warm spring weather soon and I'll be happy too! :)