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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our baby is Two today!

Remember these pictures from her birthday last year? Cory and I celebrated here, alone at home, thinking and dreaming about our little girl. We had cake and blew out the candle together.

We wanted Sylvie to have a wonderful first birthday, even though we couldn't be there to celebrate with her. We used a business service called Lady Bugs n Love to send a birthday care package to Sylvie.

Sylvie's first birthday cake in China.

Eating cake with all her friends and Ayi's at the Social Welfare Institute.

Trying out her cake, we don't think she looks too impressed, she didn't really like sweets or bread/muffin texture for quite awhile.

Last year on her birthday she was just learning how to walk on her own...
Today however....well maybe not so much a baby anymore! She's already scaling the walls and pulling herself up onto the counter.

Her birthday cake this year...Winnie the Pooh theme

Very much into icing and maybe eating a little cake too.

Opening presents...

Laughing, playing, and being silly with all my friends. Mama and Dada are hoping I lose the shriek soon, it hurts their ears!

Happy Birthday Sylvie!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sylvie! It looks like she had a lot of fun at her party. Amanda

  2. It is amazing to look back at those pictures from a year ago, it has gone so quickly. I love the cupcake cake and it looks like she really enjoyed her party! What a blessing!

  3. Great photos! I especially like the Gin on the counter beside the cake ;)

    Also...what on earth were they watching on tv?
    Hee Hee

  4. you have some razor sharp eyes Kim! Even adults need party favors!

    The kids were watching the Olympics, so I'm hoping that was just a commercial!

  5. I remember those pictures from her first birthday party. So much has happened in her life since that day. Happy second birthday Sylvie!!!!

  6. Sweet! I wish I knew if they celebrated Sugars birthday...I would have loved to have pics...We just celebrated all the birthdays we missed with her on the weekend. We had 4 cakes, each with a Chinese symbol on it to represent the season we went threw each of the 4 years we waited.
    So glad we don't have to miss anymore!

  7. Aww, happy birthday sweet Sylvie.

    The past year has made some huge changes on you. You look so grown up now and I know that your parents are showering you with more love than you ever thought possible!

    What a beautiful first birthday as a family.