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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nine Months Together...

Sylvie has been with us now for nine months. She will soon be turning two years old! Where does the time go?? Here is a quick bullet list of some of the things we love about her...

• Her giggles…they’re contagious!
• How she chews on her blanket at night while sleeping
• Her adventurous spirit, always exploring and trying new things
• The way she pets and kisses our pet cats so gently
• The concern she shows when another baby or child is crying or fussing.
• Her mischievous “Dr. Evil” grin she gives us when touching something she is
not supposed to
• When she tries to sing along to “Twinkle, Twinkle Little star”
• She can blow her own nose now (perfect for spring colds)
• Her eagle eyes, she can always spot a cat or dog while we are driving

Here is a list of some of Sylvie's favorite things...

Visiting my Daddy at work. The best part - getting a ride on his wheelie chair.

Swinging high and fast...

Making funny faces...

Going to Miss Laura's playgroup and hangin' with my friends...

Running around outside and playing in the spring-like weather.


  1. I was in Calgary visiting my sister and her family last week. Last summer my niece came w/ me to Laura's playdate and so Christine (My niece) asked me, "How is Sylvie? She's so cute?" She remembered her!!!

  2. She is growing SO much! And, to answer your question, I think I was probably more upset about it in the long-run than the Tongginator. This weekend we attended a class birthday party and all of the girls played together pretty well. I was terrified to face the moms, but then - when I saw their faces - I realized that THEY were terrified to face ME. Heh. I put them at ease by blowing right past it and engaging in friendly chit chat. Thanks so much for asking.