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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Present from Manitoba!

The other day a package arrived for Sylvie on the greyhound. It was a present from Grandpa Irwin and Great Auntie Kay. Grandpa Irwin made Sylvie a little bed for her stuffies (he's a great wood worker). Great Auntie Kay made little sheets, a quilt, pillow, and mini crocheted blanket for the bunny also found in the package (she's a good sewer). As you can see, Sylvie loved the bed, bunny and bedding! Thanks so much Grandpa and Great Auntie!

Bed and bedding made with love...

Loving my bunny stuffie

Wait a second, that bed looks comfy...

Ahhh....that's better!

What else can I do with this bed??? Hmmmm....

What? Beds aren't for standing on?


  1. How adorable!!!!


  2. What a beautiful gift! I am sure she will play with it a lot! It even matches her crib.

  3. very cute! She will get many years of play out of it!

  4. Hello! I received your email about your little girl from the same SWI as our little girl Lily. She is absolutely beautiful!!! Did you enjoy Nanning? We flew into Hong Kong and didn't get to do the Great Wall etc. I feel like we missed out even though Hong Kong was cool. It looks like your daughter is really bonding well. It takes time, but I think our daughters were really well taken care of....Talk to you soon!!

  5. Hehe! How cute is that!

    Lilah used to do this exact thing with her dolly bed too! Now she doesn't even look at it. Not interested in dolls!