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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Perfect Fall Day

Well today was a perfect day. The weather was warm (12 degrees Celsius) and sunny. We started the day off by sleeping in and having Sunday breakfast together. Then we headed outside to tackle some yard work. Now that Sylvie is almost 20 months old, it is so much easier for her to be outside in the yard with us. While we raked leaves and mowed the lawn, Sylvie entertained herself in her playhouse and on the slides. All the fresh air and work playing in the leaves helped her to have an early nap.

Once Sylvie woke up from her nap we headed into town to a BC Adoptive Families event to celebrate our families (November is Adoption month) at McMillan Farms. We met up with some friends that we see often, and others we haven't seen for a while.

Sylvie loved the tractor ride and going through the hay maze. She also enjoyed playing in the corn pit, which was like a sand pit with buckets and shovels, but filled instead with kernels of corn. I thought that was pretty cool - not to mention cleaner, way better than sand (little chance of a kitty passing by and using it as a bathroom).

After spending the afternoon basking in the sun, we stopped off to have some dinner together and did a little grocery shopping. While the day in itself was pretty low key, it was a wonderful day. Everything went smoothly and we were relaxed the whole day through. It just feels like we are in a good place, and we have lots to be thankful for.


  1. Sorry we missed it! Looks like fun! Sylvie looks like she is getting bigger! Looking forward to playing at gymnastics next weekend!

  2. I am glad you are in a good place! Sylvie is getting so big! She has lost the baby look already! So pretty....

  3. Sylvie looks way too grown up! Glad you had fun!

  4. I really do love that coat on her! It just suits her :-)

    Nicky, Sugar and Spice