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Thursday, May 21, 2009

One more day...

Sorry for not posting during the last two weeks, we have been very busy getting ready for our trip. Although we have been waiting for our daughter for a few years now, it seems to have snuck up on us. We have spent the last few weeks busy painting walls, replacing windows, landscaping the yard, cleaning the house - and of course packing. Who knew packing would take so many hours?

I have tried my best to limit the items we are taking with us, but alas we are traveling with 3 medium size suitcases and 2 carry on bags. I am disappointed that we can not take large size suitcases anymore due to size and weight restrictions. I could have easily packed everything into 1 large and 1 medium suitcase. Now we will be pulling 3 suitcases through the airports.

Tonight we are mowing the lawn and packing our carry on luggage. After taking care of these jobs, Cory and I are going to go out for dinner and try our best to relax. We have been so anxious and worried about the swine flu affecting travel these last few weeks, it is hard to put it aside. We have been advised that if we become ill, or someone on the plane becomes ill, there might be the possibility of being quarantined. So any good wishes and vibes for health during this first leg of our travel would be appreciated. I keep telling Cory, that as long as we get to meet Sylvie on schedule, then we can be quarantined together, not before. I don't know how we could handle putting off the date, even for a few days.

Anyhow, we hope to post tomorrow from the airport or later on from Shanghai. We leave early in the morning and fly to Vancouver. We then leave shortly after on a direct flight to Shanghai! It is close to a 12 hour flight, so I am hoping they show interesting movies on the plane and we can hopefully nap a bit as well, other wise it will be a very, very long day! I have already bought two books for the flight, I am hoping they can fill all those long hours.

So until tomorrow...

C & J


  1. I will be thinking of you as we head to China at the same time, different airplanes! Our moment is finally here! Good luck with your books... I packed two as well, but doubt I will be able to concentrate! See you in China!

  2. Have a very safe and happy trip! I can't wait to follow your days in China! Blog often! :)


  3. I cant even begin to imagine how excited you both are....Sylvie is one very lucky little girl to have you love her so much.....enjoy every moment of this journey through this next phase of your life...what a reward waiting at the end!

  4. Cory and Joy... we are so excited for you. We will pray that everything goes smoothly in this last leg as you join your daughter, and that she will be in your arms in a very short time. Can't wait for the updates and photos.
    Love you guys... from Lucy, Tim and the kids

  5. Many many warm wishes from our family to yours, as you make your journey to finally meet your Sylvie. If only she knew how dramatically her life will be changing in the next few days/weeks... and how much she will be loved! I can't wait to read/see the updates, I will be checking anxiously! Stay healthy, enjoy yourselves and best wishes!!!!!

    ~Kari, Eric, Blake & Cole

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