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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day Four - What exactly is a "free day"...

All I can say is if she sleeps like this all the time we are thanking our lucky stars... After the whirlwind that was yesterday we got her to sleep around 9:00pm without so much as a peep... A quiet little wimper indicated she thought she didn't want to go, but the heavy eyelids won that fight... I was laying in bed listening for her to wake up and all I could hear were the girls trying to out-snore each other... Good sleeps for everyone... :)

So, today was a free day... which compared to the flurry of activity that was yesterday, we had nothing officially scheduled... We originally had some photographs and documentation to do today, but we got those fast-tracked yesterday in the hustle... Kudos to David for getting that all lined up... So, we got to sleep in (some of us...) until around 7:30 - not too bad for night number one. Got showered and such - some of us played with our toys and had a feed and the others got packed for a day of "light touring"...

On the journey today was the People's Minority Park, which is one of (or at least a replica of) the Original Family dwellings/townships that has been surrounded by the city growth for the last 50 years or so. Some interesting history smack dab in the middle of one of the business districts... From wooden bridges to drum towers and fishermen in between... Most of the rest of the day was out in the park and back in the hotel for a nap... Pretty basic stuff (considering...) :) Did get out to one of the local "malls" to hunt around for squeaky shoes and little sunglasses... Some other odds and sods that we thought we might need.

Night ended off with a nice Thai meal out and then some hotel room exploring. Our little one has opened up a little more and wanted to show off her wobble walk a bit... She put on a few miles going between to large sets of mirrors on each end of the hall to touch her reflection... Women and mirrors... I am so done for... :) Took a little bit more time to tucker her out - The 2 and a half our nap this afternoon probably set that schedule back I'm guessing... But a nice bath and some cuddle time and she is asleep behind me in her crib as I type this with a headlamp on... I think I am going to take a cue from the girls and head thataway myself... My mind is still trying to do the time conversion... 10:00pm here means that some of you are getting ready for work on Tuesday... (7:00am)

Tune in tomorrow when you hear Dr. Bob say... (If you are old enough to remember that, you get the joke... :) )

C & J & S


  1. Sounds like a pretty darn perfect day, to me :) LOL at the squeaky shoes... they, soon, will drive you bonkers :) The thai food has me salivating, but alas, as you mentioned it's only just after 7 am here in the Okanagan, and I don't think spicy thai food would sit too well for breakfast!
    Enjoy your time in China... can't wait to see pics!

  2. Pictures - yay!!! I had to show my entire class the photos. I have tears - not easy to teach through the tears, but that's totally okay!!!

    I am just so over the moon for your family!


  3. Okay, duh! I see the photos! How beautiful!!! She's perfect and amazing and I'm so thrilled for you guys!

  4. I can't beleive how big she is!!!! Joy I love the one with her sleeping on you...we have to add that to my colletions of babies sleeping on you...Liam, Gavin and now Slyvie. You have the touch!!!


  5. What a fantastic day you had. The pictures are spectacular. You all look very happy.

  6. What a beautiful family.


  7. Dad and I finally got on to your blog after getting home. Will fill you in as to why it took so long when we see you. Grandpa and Grandma are reading your messages with crocodile tears in our eyes. Seeing the pictures of you three is the most exciting and lovable. Sylvie is beautiful and can't wait to see her and most important to hold her in our arms. To tell you that we LOVE you three does not seem enough, There is much more feelings than that. Hurry home Sylvie and bring your Mom and Dad with you.
    Grandpa & Grandma

  8. Aww, she's so adorable! We're excited to meet her. Ray has offered to babysit...if you trust him. Ha ha. I'm sure Sylvie could teach Ray some things. Have a safe trip home.


  9. My girls wanted to know what I was crying about as I was on the computer. I showed them your pictures and told them they are tears of pure joy for a wonderful family that deserve to have each other. My heart sings for you! Maddie squealed when she saw Sylvie and wants to know if we can head to the Okanagan today to see you! Since both of us are 14+ hours away I assured her we would see you this summer!!
    Enjoy your first days together even your early mornings!!! Thank you for the blog, its wonderful to be there with you electronically - Carolyn G

  10. We're so Happy for you!!!!! We're checking the blog everyday and anxiously await your return. We love you three!

    Kevin, Laura and Cara

    PS, Cara says hi to cousin Sylvie!!!

  11. I love the pictures - such a perfect family! Isn't the snuggly GREAT!

  12. I am so happy for you guys. Sylvie is so beautiful. I read this and cry. Can't wait to meet her. Enjoy the rest of your journey in China:) See you soon.
    Love Tami Wagner