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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day Five - Nanning

When I think 90% humidity - you could be certain it would be raining... That just isn't the case here... To describe it is as "sticky" doesn't do it justice... Try to imagine walking around in a steam room all day long... On the plus side, our skin is really soft... :)

Things we know about Sylvie so far:

- She loves having a bath and playing in the tub... The stacking cups were a big hit, but really she was content to splash around... No complaints here...
- She can hold a bottle to help feed herself - We weren't sure if she was able to do this, but today she showed us she could.
- She can walk REALLY well... She has put on quite a few miles... She is still uncertain about her new squeaky shoes, but I am sure she will come around.
- She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror (like that was a stretch...) - It is one of the almost SURE ways to get a smile out of her.
- She likes to be swayed to sleep in Joyanne's arms - That's been a good thing... :)

We are working on bonding together... Sylvie accepts our love and comfort but still isn't seeking it when she is upset. Today was a bit of a breakthrough with feeding... Joy was sitting on the floor feeding her rice cereal and Sylvie would actually walk over to keep coming for bites. This is important because she was recognizing that WE were providing the food. Also during playtime today at times it felt there was interaction between Sylvie and us instead of parallel (side by side) play - We will continue to build on this.

The next leg of our journey is tomorrow afternoon which will have us departing on another jet plane - destined for Beijing this time. We check out of the hotel around 3:00pm and David and our driver will get us to the airport. Our flight leaves at 5:45 or so... Three and half hours later, we arrive in Beijing and are met by our new guide Jennifer. David has made this portion of our journey so fantastic we cannot thank him enough. He will be on the Christmas card list for sure... :) He is actually showing up here this evening to hand deliver Sylvie's passport that just got created today... Saves a lot of wait and worry on whether or not it would have to be couriered up to Beijing on the weekend... Just can't say enough about that man - a real lifesaver... :)

That is what we can tell you in a nutshell about today... Have to send Soooo many thanks to our "blog fillers" back home... If you are keeping tabs, some of the entries magically get pictures updated throughout the day - Without them we would not have quite the same experience to share with you... Thanks again so much! (You know who you are Kim - and expect the favour returned when the time comes...) Even found a bit of time to fill in some missing entries (or travel back in time - I am not sure which)... be sure to look for additions in the story in other places than the last post! We will call it a "puzzle-piece" blog of sorts...

Well, I am off to meet David and collect the last of her official documents, so we will sign off with that. More to follow for sure...

Cory & Joyanne & Sylvie

...and Doc Brown in a DeLorean trying to hit 88mph... :)


  1. Wow, what an adventure it sounds like! And it sounds like everything is happening just as it should! )BTW- Love the Doc Brown reference.. lol)

  2. I meant to make the last comment for day five, but it doesn't really matter...still so happy!!! Enjoy SAylvie all you can and keep posting the cute things she does and likes. Can't wait to meet you wee one!

    Laura, Kevin & Cara

  3. Joy promised to pick me up a little girl. I'm not reading anything about that yet, just wanted to remind you. thanks.

    Sounds like things are going perfectly well for you guys. I'm so excited for you!!


  4. Glad all is going great. Isnt Nanning amazing? We were there in August, and wow the humidity was aweful. But I loved every minute. Glad you are enjoying DAVID. Did you give him a hug for me? Tell him I got his package but he forgot the necklace (maybe you can bring it with you and mail to me once you are home?)....

    Enjoy your last day in Nanning!!!

  5. The pictures are amazing!!!


  6. Hi guys Iam so excited for you. Ihave been trying to cotact you but it doesnt work so Iam trying again. Love auntie Yvonne

  7. Well finally I got it to work. Sylvie is just beautiful,and I to feel so happy for you. I love all the pictures but especially the one of the three of you. Take care travel safe and cant wait to meet Sylvie. LOve auntie Yvonne

  8. The pictures are amazing. I can see that Sylvie is smiling more and more. And Joy can't stop smiling. Its going to be incredible to finally have her home! Can't wait to see you.
    Lisa LaBoucane :)
    PS- We're printing out all the pics at school! Everyone's soooo excited for you!

  9. She is just a doll!!! So very happy for you.