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Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Birthday!

Sylvie's first birthday was on Saturday, March 7. Since Joyanne was in school on Saturday, Cory was in charge of picking out a birthday cake. Please note the candle, Cory was immensely proud finding a number "1" candle. We haven't heard if our care package has been received, but are hoping that since we sent a cake we might be lucky enough to receive pictures in the near future.

We also have been trying to keep busy getting organized for our (hopefully) summer trip. Joyanne is busy trying to figure out what clothes to take and other incidentals (bottles, formula, toys, diapers). Luckily we have packing lists others parents have sent us to help organize ourselves. Today we went out in search of a second suitcase and found on on sale at Sears. Joyanne wanted to buy a third one, but Cory thinks two big suitcases and carry-on's are enough to worry about.

Cory has been keeping busy researching cameras, as we want a new smaller, portable travel camera to take with us. He has also been looking into small appliance adapters for charging the mini laptop and camera while over in China.

Other than that, we have been keeping busy painting the kitchen and trying to finish up some jobs around the house. We are hoping to begin decorating the baby room during spring break.


  1. I can hardly wait to see the new pictures of her on her birthday! Good thing about traveling in the summer... smaller outfits! Keeping our fingers crossed for a quick LOA!

  2. That is so flippin' exciting!!! I am living my dream viacriously through you, lol!