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Monday, February 23, 2009

And our Care Package is off!

Last week, I asked some families who had adopted from China if or how they were able to send care packages to their children's SWI (social welfare institute). Many of the families, who adopted from Beiliu City SWI, where Sylvie is living, shared with us that they used a service based in China. Everyone who emailed us about the service was very pleased. With that endorsement Cory and I checked out their website and ordered a package.

By using this service we could send up to a 600 word letter to the SWI to introduce ourselves. In this letter we also asked if they could take pictures of Sylvie's daily life in the SWI, and included a disposable camera, which will be sent back to the business. We chose to send a pink blanket and kitty stuffie for Sylvie. We included candy and nuts for the nannies taking care of her. The business taking care of this on our behalf is Ladybugs and Love from Above. It was created by two women, an adoptive mom (Kelly) and friend (Angela) in China. Yesterday, we received and email letting us know that that the items for our package had been shopped for and collected. They sent us a picture of the gifts and sent it to us.

As you can see, the kitty they found for us was "Hello Kitty", which I think is pretty purrfect since I have many items with her on them! Also included in the care package, but not in the photo, is a birthday cake that will be sent to the SWI. Since Sylvie's 1st birthday is just around the corner (March 7), we asked for them to take pictures of her with the cake and her caregivers and fellow children. Many families had recommended this to us as a way to gather updated pictures. Hopefully in the next few weeks we should receive some pictures of Sylvie, and get a better understanding of her surroundings and life.

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  1. I know she'll have a great birthday and really enjoy her presents. Happy Birthday Sylvie. Happy Birthday to you both as well.