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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Pictures of Sylvie!!!

We are soooooo excited today, we received some new pictures of Sylvie, her caregivers and fellow children from her Social Welfare Institute (SWI) today!

Joyanne was checking her email at the end of lunch, (she had previously been checking it 10 - 15 times a day since Saturday night) to see if there were any in the inbox. Joyanne quickly looked them over, after screaming in excitement with her staff and went back to class.

However, Shaw Webmail was NOT working ALL afternoon, so Cory wasn't able to see them and Joyanne couldn't check them out in greater detail. We went out for dinner tonight to help stay away from the computer, and when we got back Shaw Webmail was back up and running. Yay!

So we thought we had better quickly share these photos with our friends and family. We received 9 pictures, but felt we shouldn't post the pictures that have other children from the SWI in them, as we don't have permission from their adoptive parents/caregivers.

Here they are!!!!!

Here is a picture of her birthday cake we sent with the care package a couple of weeks ago. We are told the cake says "Happy Birthday Xia Xia". Xia is pronounced 'She-ah', and commonly children have their name doubled thus Xia Xia

There were 11 candles placed on the cake, with eleven symbolizing 'beautiful'. We couldn't agree more!

This is a picture of Sylvie being fed some of the birthday cake by her care giver.

We also have some pictures from her life at the Social Welfare Institute. You can see all her little toes in this picture!

Looks like she is getting ready to walk!

She just needs a little help!

We hope to receive more pictures from her daily life when we travel to pick her up when all our paperwork has been approved. We included a disposable camera in her care package and asked that they take pictures, which we would then develop later. Once again, the service we used if someone else is looking for a recommendation is


  1. What precious memories these photos will provide! She is adorable! Hope you get to travel quickly!

  2. Amazing photos! She is so sweet... just another thing to keep you going until you travel!