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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One more step checked off!

We received word today from our adoption agency that our Letter of Intent (LOI) has been officially approved by China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA). Our LOI was basically a letter explaining our intention to adopt Sylvia Guo Jiangxia, and an outline of a health and nurturing plan.

The next step is for our dossier to be reviewed and approved. Lately, it has been taking 3 months for this to be accomplished. Although we have Log in Date (LID) of March 11, 2008 when CCAA received our dossier, it has been waiting at their office to be reviewed. Due to the high number of applications for adoptions from China, they have to date only reviewed files up to a LID of early March 2007. We are very grateful that ours will be pulled out and reviewed now.

Why might you ask, should it take so long to review? Our dossier is about 2.5 cm thick. It includes things like our home study, provincial government approval letters, financial information, medical approval that we are fit to be parents, and criminal record checks.

We hope the next 90 days goes by fast, or even better, that our dossier is reviewed quicker than it has been taking. When our dossier is approved CCAA will send us a Letter of Confirmation (LOC). There are still a few more steps to be completed after we receive our LOC, so we are still hopeful that we will be travelling this summer.

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