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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camping Trip #5 - Mabel Lake...AGAIN!!!

Ok, I am shameless... I LOVE camping at Mabel Lake. If you have read our other post Camping Trip #3, you will remember that we spent four nights in July at this lovely site with family.

Luckily however, the weather cooperated beautifully for us and we had hot (30 degree Celsius), sunny, blue sky weather each and everyday. Sigh...I miss summer and camping already!

We spent this camping trip with three other families, all of whom are also teachers (poor Cory)! While we did slip into "teacher talk" every once in awhile, we spent most of our time on the beach playing in the water and on the sand.

We scored the best camping spots in the campground, right beside the beach. This was the view we enjoyed each morning from our trailer as we had breakfast...
It was only a 30 second walk down the path from our camp spot onto the beach. So as you can imagine, that is where we spent most of our mornings and afternoons (after nap time of course). The girls loved playing with the other kids, building sand castles and getting pulled around the lake in the kayak by willing adults. 
The Daddies on duty...
At times we had four kids piled into the kayak and paddling...
We also took many little walks around the campground looking for squirrels and searching for yet more interesting rocks to put into our pockets. On one of our walks we checked out the small waterfalls nearby with Mary and Sylvie's little friend "S"...
A happy Daddy...
A happy Mama...
A Happy Mei Mei...
A Happy Jie Jie...
The best part of camping? Seeing the friendships form between all the little kids...
 Well...friendships and falling asleep exhausted because of all the fun you had playing outside all day long in nature!


  1. Your so making me want a Trailer *sigh*

  2. Looks wonderful! I LOVE being on a lake. We hope to take a vacation like that next summer.

  3. Sigh, absolutely awesome. You have to stop posting camping pictures, because I want to go so bad again!! I tell ya, it aint gonna happen with the weather now! :)

    Looks like the perfect spot, no wonder you frequent it so much. Love that shot of the three girls together! Happy times!


  4. Your making me miss summer and it just ended! Looks like the perfect spot! Your lucky to be surrounded by such beauty!

  5. That is a gorgeous spot so no wonder you love it. Looks like the girls had a great time. It is so great they have a chance to grow up exploring the outdoors!