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Monday, August 22, 2011

Camping Trip #3 Mabel Lake

Although our summer weather was rather delayed, we had scheduled a camping trip with Cory's brother Kevin, his wife Laura and their two little girls earlier in the year.

We decided to go to one of our favorite recreation camp sites (no running water or electricity) Cotton Wood Beach on Mabel Lake. 

Afternoon view of Mabel Lake, finally the sun is out!
Our girl's were so excited to see their cousins who are similar in ages. The girl's ages are 4 (Cara), 3 (Sylvie), 2 (Mary) and 1 (Katie). Four children, four and under. But just wait, Cory's brother had a friend from university traveling out this way camping so they decided to join in on the fun. Their daughters are 5 and just about to turn one. So SIX girls, five and under. Yes, there was a lot of estrogen in the air.

The Drinkwater Grandchildren! 
Katie, Cara, Sylvie & Mary!

Here are a few pictures of the memories we made over the four day camping trip. We ate too much, drank too much, played in the sun a little too much, stayed up late a little too much, missed our afternoon naps too much, giggles and laughed too much... life is good!
Making the girls into "mermaids"!
Building sand castles...
Getting dirty...
Our girl's don't get to see these cousins often as they live in Saskatoon, a measly 14 hour drive east...where there are NO mountains....only canola fields. Luckily for us, they drew the short straw and drove out here to visit us this summer, so I guess that means that we are on for next summer. Hopefully the mosquitoes next year won't be so plentiful or hungry in Saskatoon as we heard about (I know, what am I thinking?)!


  1. after living in Winnipeg , I can testify that those mosiquitoes can carry away a small cow. Looks like you guys had a great time!!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place to camp. That is a lot of little girls, but I bet they all had a blast together.

  3. The girls look like they had a grand time together. The lake looks beautiful, crystal clear and totally calm too! You are right...nothin' but fields of canola here in SK!

    Love the picture of the girls buried in the sand ...way to cute:).