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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ni Hao! Greetings from Beijing!

Ni Hao! Greetings from Beijing!

We left Kelowna bright and early Friday morning BC time - Thanks Brent for the lift :). We met our friends Shea and Karla at the airport to start the first leg of our journey.

                                                              Waiting for our first flight....
                                                      Karla and Shea....soon to be parents!
Had a quick flight to Vancouver and enjoyed lunch together at Milestones.
Waitng for our flight at the Vancouver airport

Funny guys....

Met a few other travel companions in the airport and boarded our flight for Beijing… The 12 hour flight…. Wheeeeee…. Sylvie did great on the plane and managed to nap for about three hours.

 Watching movies with Daddy...

We arrived in Beijing at about 4:00pm on Saturday – no Delorean required. We met our guide and were whisked away to our hotel where we proceeded to summarily crash (sorry about no blog update – the 27 hour uptime took its toll…) Today is Sunday evening – and something to kind of look forward to is that they do not change the clocks here – so hey…. We’re only what 14 hours out of sorts now??? YAY!

                                                       Sylvie and Lilah meet up again!

We managed to get a good sleep in last night and got a good buffet breakfast into us this morning. After breakfast, the plan was to get money exchanged for all of our dealings here, which for some reason took a visit to THREE different banks… That pretty much ate up most of our morning… We grabbed a quick McDonalds lunch on the fly and taught a couple of our travelmates how to order from the Golden Arches – Nothing more complicated than pointing at the picture for those of you playing at home. Returned to the hotel and everyone got a bit of a nap in.
                                        Cory & Tim (Lilah's Dad) checking out their phones

Tonight we all headed out for a nice Chinese dinner – in total there were about 20 of us in the group. This is the last dinner together before everyone heads out tomorrow to travel to the various provinces to meet their children. So, we are heading off to bed now to try to also get some sleep before our 4:00am wakeup call (wheeee…)


  1. Glad to hear that ya'll arrived in good shape - just a tad green with envey - really wish we were there (we LOVE China - and we're kinda suffering withdrawl right now!) Looking forward to following the rest of your journey! Have a great Gotcha Day!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. awe...I love the photo of Sylvie and Lilah together! So glad to hear you are safe and sound and that Sylvie did great on the flight! So excited for you! You are so close to Mary now!!!!

  3. Sleep well...tomorrow is going to be an amazing day!! Give Mary and Sylvie an extra hug from all of us back home!

  4. Glad the first part of the trip is going well.
    Good luck on the second leg of your journey.
    I am looking forward to seeing pics of Datong and Shanxi and of course little Mary. So few Canadians have children from there.

  5. Woohooo! I can hardly wait to see pictures of Sylvie and Mary meeting for the first time!!!! Have fun, rest up, and soon you'll be together as a family of four!!!!

  6. I'm so excited for you all!
    Tell Paige I said hi, and that she must update her blog too. ;)


  7. This is all great but the big question we all want answered is... does the Blackberry work there? Michael S. and I want to know!!

  8. Glad you made it to Beijing safely. I so hope Mary's transition goes smoothly and that your trip back to Datong is worth the 4 hour drive. If you see our little angel, Yun Ning, please tell her that her mom and dad are coming soon! Best Wishes,
    Heather Olivet

  9. Yay! An update! I'll be watching for those first photos. :)