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Saturday, November 20, 2010

And we are home...

Seems like just yesterday we were jet-setting around the world in foreign lands... Well, it pretty much was yesterday (actually the day before, but I am still on Beijing time, so this post will happen tomorrow...) :) We have made it through two nights of sleep in our own beds in our own house with our own family and nothing but. Quite a treat considering the last two weeks have been go go go... Everyone seems to be settling in fairly well - We summarily tossed the mattress out of the crib onto the floor for the interim because of Mary's not-quite-so-good reaction to them on the trip... Figure we will deal with whatever as long as she is getting some sleep, and both the girls have been doing fairly good in that department too... Trying to readjust sleep patterns doesn't happen overnight, but they are troopers and will probably be right as rain before we are.

The trip home was overall uneventful - Air Canada tossed us a nice curve ball when we arrived at the airport in Beijing - Oh your flight will be 5 and a half hours delayed - While we are standing in line for check-in... WTF??? Oh well, I guess we will just PLAY IN THE AIRPORT for what? SEVEN or EIGHT hours now ?!?! Thanks Air Canada! You guys are great! If you will recall our AC issues from last time - At least we were sitting on the plane on the tarmac this time for two and a half hours before takeoff. Needless to say me thinks their customer service hotline will be getting an earful - See what I can wrangle out of them our 'pain and suffering' :) As an aside - if your kids are completely exhausted, they WILL sleep on the plane for like seven and change hours :) I guess that's something.

So, we will be hiding out at home for the next little while - working on a cocoon to start what seems to be winter all of a sudden... Family bonding time will be good, until we start to get cabin fever, but we will cross that line when we get there... :) Thank you to all who visited (albeit briefly) with us at the airport when we arrived - It was just the snapshot of friends and family we needed after a very long day! We will be in touch with everyone soon so don't just THINK we are dodging your calls - The ringers in the house are off and we actually ARE... :) Stay tuned - there will be definitely be more to follow.

C & J & S & M

A little chaos in Beijing - Note Mary's particularly lovely expression about the wait in line...

Just how many girls can we fit on this train??

Can still manage some smiles during our extended stay

Some entry/exit lessons on some of the cooler buggies at the airport

At home in pajamas relaxing at the dinner table... Much happier!

This one is going to be trouble - I see mischief in these eyes... :)

I already know this one is Dr. Evil...


  1. Welcome home! It looks like Mary is fitting in very well. So nice to see. BTW, Chloe, also from Datong, never slept in her lovely room or crib/bed for years. I figured that getting enough sleep is more important.
    Good luck navigating jet lag.

  2. Sounds like you settling in well. Our nights have been rough so far... Zoe for the most part! I guess it will take time. We hardly had time to say goodbye at the airport. Keep in touch!

  3. yes-I too see the mischief! They will be partners in crime I am is Sylvie doing now that Mary is at home?

  4. Well welcome home! And what would be a trip home from China be without some delays, hangup's and missed connections anyway? ;)

    Super happy for you guys - hugs -

    aus and co.

  5. Welcome home! It must be a great relief to finally be back in your own beds and have some down time. Your trip sounded fun, but BUSY. You are amazing to do all that stuff with two little girls. I hope the transition at home keeps going well and is as smooth as possible. Hopefully when you surface from your cocoon eventually, we will run into each other at some adoption get together or something!