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Friday, October 15, 2010

Second Care Package off to Mary

Last week we put together another care package to send to Mary with help from Angela at Lady Bugs N' Love From Above. We decided that we wanted to send a picture album to Mary with photos of her new family in hopes that she might not be so frightened of us when we first meet her. 

So we emailed Angela ten photos of Mary's new Mama, Baba and Jie Jie (Big Sister). Angela prints off the photos and attaches labels in Chinese on the back of each photograph identifying each person. She then places the pictures into a photo album - the one she selected for Mary is bright pink and furry with a toy on top!

We wrote another letter to the Director of Mary's Social Welfare Institute requesting that the nannies take some time each day to go over the photos with Mary to explain who were are. In the photo album we included two photos of Mary in this group of ten, hoping that when Mary sees herself in this set of photos she can start to connect herself these new people. We are also going to be bringing copies of these photographs in a small album to bring to China with us.  

We added another disposable camera in this care package. We asked that the staff take some more pictures of Mary and her daily life. We hope to receive this camera, as well as the previous two when we meet Mary in just over three weeks time.  

To round off the package we asked Angela to purchase some kids books for Mary and the other children to look at during their playtime, and she included five books. And of course, what is a care package without sending a little candy and nuts for everyone to enjoy!

Here is the picture Angela took of the care package before sending it off to Mary. You can see the pink photo album in the top left corner, the purple disposable camera, our translated letter in an envelope underneath, five children's books, and then some bags of candies and nuts. I hope Mary, the other children, and her nannies enjoy this care package!  


  1. That's wonderful! Doesn't it make you feel just a bit closer to her? Love the fuzzy album - perfect! The books are a great group idea too. Great idea. :)

  2. That looks like a wonderful care package! I love your idea of taking the samw photos with you. That will be great her !!!!



  3. Great package, and I am sure it will be good for her to see the photos right before you go to get her, hopefully the nannies will show them to her often.

  4. I love that ladybugs 'n love from above company. I used them too, back in the day! :)

    Now we're looking forward to pictures. Not half as much as you I'm guessing though!