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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en!

Our little Lady Bug! 


It was a wonderful evening with the Rowan's this year for Hallowe'en. We invited Sylvie's little friends over for a make your own pizza dinner before heading out trick or treating. Afterward filling up on pizza and candy, we headed down to our local park for a bonfire and fireworks put on by the local fire department. Sylvie was much better about watching the fireworks this year and clapped when they were over. However, I think the highlight for her was getting a chance to sit in the fire truck and play with the steering wheel. 

Here's a few pictures of our night...

Making pizzas with Sugar & Spice's Mom...

 Building up our strength before venturing out to trick or treat!

What's Hallowe'en without a little face paint?

The three little munchkins. 
Do you have any idea how hard it is to try to get three little kids to look at you at the same time?

Hope you had a spooktacular, safe Hallowe'en!


  1. Morning Guys - thanks for checking out the blog! Yeah - I noted ya'll are in Canada - I guess I showed my typical US myopic vision talking about GZ - I even know that you guys will finish in BJ - it's a long story - but a couple we met during our first China trip for adoption actually ended up spending a day in your fair country while our various embassys worked out the mis-spelling on his daughters visa....glad to have helpful friends to the north!

    Glad you guys had some fun over the weekend too - it's easy for stuff to get 'pushed aside' as you get into the mad rush!

    Looking forward to following you guys - so happy for ya'll!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. What a cute little ladybug! See you on FRIDAY!

  3. I'll bet Sylvie was the cutest little bug in town! Can't wait to follow along on your journey to Mary!