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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look Mom - No cavities!

Sylvie has been to the dentist two times since being home with us. Each time she has gone for what our dentist calls "Happy Visits". She gets to sit in the chair and go for a ride up and down, get her teeth counted by the assistant, and then the dentist comes to take a look with the little hand mirror. Of course these "Happy Visits" conclude with a trip past the treasure chest!
On her third visit Sylvie got to have her teeth "tickled" when the dentist cleaned them, followed by a "bubble bath" when the fluoride was painted on. Sylvie did absolutely wonderful while getting her teeth cleaned. She sat still, watched and listened intently to the dentist. The dentist was very impressed, especially since she has three young children herself, one the same age as Sylvie.

We were happy to learn that Sylvie has great teeth and so far - no cavities! I think we are also lucky that one of Sylvie's favorite things to do is have Daddy brush her teeth for her in the morning after breakfast and at night before bed.

"Look Mom - No Cavities"
When it was time to go and get off the chair Sylvie started to fuss - she didn't want to stop going up and down on the chair. Luckily a trip to the treasure chest distracted her!


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  2. HI there Sylvie,
    Congrats on being cavity free! And I hear that you are going to have a new sister soon! This is so exciting. Your mommy and daddy must be over the moon!
    Keep being sweet!