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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Care Package Received!

A few weeks ago we decided to send a care package to Mary in China. We used the same service located in China that we did for Sylvie's care package. The business is called Lady Bug's N'Love from Above. It is jointly run by two women, Angela who lives in China, and Kelly, an adoptive mom in the United States. 

In our first care package to Mary we selected a blanket, a kitty stuffy, candy & nuts for the nannies and children to share, and two disposable cameras for the nannies to take pictures of Mary's daily life at Datong City. Also included was 600 word letter translated for us by Angela to the SWI Director of Datong City. We used this first letter to formally introduce ourselves to the Director and to ask for help in preparing Mary for her transition to our family. We also added a short note to Mary and asked that it be read to her as well.

Here is a photo Angela sent to us after she completed her shopping on our behalf...
 We also included a cake in our care package, and the cake was ordered from a local bakery and delivered earlier this week. Today we received these pictures from the Director at Mary's SWI!
 It looks like Mary was surprised! Isn't she adorable?
 And it seems she liked the cake!

We have a few more pictures, but since they have other children from the SWI in them I'm not comfortable posting them online. They are nice to have for Mary to look at to remember her friends from Datong City SWI as she grows. 

We are still waiting for our "Letter Seeking Confirmation" (LSC). From my research it appears 50 days is the average length of time to receive this paperwork. We are on Day 40, so perhaps in the next week or two we will receive it and then begin waiting on our last step for our "Notice of Coming" (also known as travel approval) to be issued. We'll keep you posted! 


  1. I loved getting those photos! You must be overjoyed, Mary is looking so good.

  2. obvious great in this photos! thanks

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  3. Here's hoping everything goes quickly and smoothly. Mary is beautiful!!

  4. She is just beautiful. I am very happy for your family. Mary Beth

  5. Awwww, that's so sweet! She's gorgeous!

  6. She is really cute and looks like she loves that cake. I hope the LSC comes soon so we can travel together once again.

  7. Oh my adorable seems too weak of a word! She melts my heart! Can't wait to see her in person!

  8. That is SUPER awesome!!!!!!!

    I can't beleive you might be travelng with Shea and Karla... amazing!!!!!!!!

    'Nicky & Jrock"

    PS: she is solovely - bet you can't wait to just suglle her! And she looks so much younger than Sylvie! Might just be the hair, though........

  9. Hi! nice blog and that was really beautiful photos..Thanks!
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