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Monday, August 16, 2010

New Pictures of Mary!

We have been very fortunate to receive these new, updated pictures of Mary. I joined an online yahoo group for families who have adopted children from Mary's Social Welfare Institute in Shanxi, China. One of the mother's from that group put me in touch with an American couple who live in China and volunteer regularly at Mary's orphanage.
I "friended" this couple on Face book and asked if they could possibly take a couple of photos of Mary when they were next visiting. Yesterday they emailed us back and sent us these new photo's.

Sorry about the sideways picture, Blogger simply won't let me rotate it at all!

We can't believe how much bigger Mary has grown since the last pictures we have of her (taken 8 months earlier at one year of age)! I have been staring into her eyes all morning, they are so beautiful!


  1. She is adorable and looks healthy! What a gift to see these! Hope travel comes fast!

  2. Nothing compares to new pictures! And so amazing when you think this was her yesturday!!! When do you estimate travel?

  3. Oh Joyanne I was just thinking about her last night...and praying for her. I was going to call and see if you had new photos yet! she is so beautiful! Say hi to Sylvie from Miah...Miah keeps saying "Sylvie, Miah's house, party?"

  4. Thank you everyone! We are hoping to travel in November, December or January - just waiting for our LSC.

    Kim - Sylvie has been practicing singing "Happy Birthday Miah". She is very excited to see her, as well as Mac and Maddie.