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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back from a wonderful weekend!

 We just got back this afternoon from another wonderful weekend camping. This has been our fifth camping trip this summer (sorry, more pictures to come in later posts) and we have been enjoying our family time immensely.We traveled south down to Osoyoos this weekend with our friends and their two daughters.
 We walked, swam, visited some wineries, drank some wine and played. It was a beautiful summer weekend, with just the right amount of rain  Saturday afternoon to cool us all down. We have been so busy these last couple of months we haven't been able to get together for a play date. But it didn't take to long for Sylvie to warm up to Sugar and Spice again.
Gathering up the courage to follow her two friends in...
Mama and Daddy's favorite part of camping...nap time. Usually we are so tuckered out we fit the hay for a little snooze as well.

Our little miss enjoying the sweet life...

These past couple of weeks Cory and I have talked about how our family is going to change when we have two kids to think of, instead of just one. This weekend reaffirmed how great Cory will be as a Dad of two. He is patient (much more than me) and is always willing to give everyone their turns, as evidenced many times this weekend. 

"My turn Daddy, My Turn"
"Me too, Me too!"
 "Me three, Me three!"
 And his good humor continued throughout the weekend...

It makes me think that maybe three might be the magic number for our family! I think poor Cory might have a coronary when he reads this! I guess we'll find out if he continues to read the blog or not!


  1. I find that going from 1 to 2 kids was a bit of and adjustment. What with making #1 wait and really learn patience with sharing mom & dad. But once there....going from 2-3 and then 3-4 is even beter!!!! truely truely truely!

  2. it's not even that big of a deal to go from 4 to 6!! Love the pictures

  3. I agree with Michelle, that six is a pretty good number. One is a big change, two is easy, three is another big change, but after three it really doesn't matter, life is just chaotic. In a good way of course!

  4. We had a blast too! Funny to see how you were looking for the number of kids thing. I certainly have been watching the dynamic with the girls too... hmmm... wonder what is on my mind! lol

    We had a lovely time, and can't wait to do it again! Now I just have to get caught up on my posts too....