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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saskatoon Trip

We have been busy visiting family this summer. One of our trips was to Saskatoon to see Cory's family and be celebrate cousin Katie's baptism.

On the plane! Sylvie did really well, I was very impressed. We made sure to pack lots of snacks, drinks and the portable DVD player.
Taking a nap in the Calgary airport during our lay over. Thankfully we scored the comfy leather chairs.

 See how she chews on her blanket tag to help fall asleep? She calls it her "chew". :)

Baby Katie after her baptism with her Dad, Mom and sister Cara.
Sylvie checking out the "good book" during the service, Grandma Shirley sitting beside us.
Playing at the splash park across the street from Uncle Kevin & Aunty Laura's house. Sylvie loves playing at these parks.

Mama and Daddy enjoying watching Sylvie play at the splash park
Making pancakes Sunday morning for everyone. Aunty Laura is super nice and let all the kids help. Good times with all the kids learning how to take turns stirring the pancake batter.
Hey Grandpa Irwin, what do you have there? Can I have some too?
Yum, I love ice cream now! Thanks for sharing Grandpa.
Thanks for the wonderful, but too short visit. Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

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