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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Late Father's Day Post

While our Saskatchewan family was visiting, we celebrated Father's Day with Cory's aunt and uncle, whom are affectionately known as Grandpa & Grandma to Sylvie. Here are most of us enjoying the short return of the summer weather visiting on the deck and watching the kids blowing bubbles (sorry no photo's this time with Grandma Margie - she was busy inside cooking supper, we'll make up for it next time!).

Eating corn on the cob with my Daddy!

Sylvie particularly enjoyed the motorized bubble blower, and spent a lot of the evening chasing her cousins and Daddy around with it.
Sylvie loves her Kelowna Grandparents, in particular he Grandpa Roy - who loves to spoil her (remember the Christmas photos - where a certain someone is encouraging Sylvie to jump on the furniture!) Every time we go to visit, Sylvie requests that Grandpa lifts her up to hit the wind chimes, she loves hearing the music.
But I'm not sure who enjoys it more, Sylvie or Grandpa Roy! Who do you think?
Happy Father's day to all the special Dad's in our life: Grandpa Cliff, Grandpa Irwin, Grandpa Roy, Sylvie's birth father, and Cory. We are truly blessed with all your caring and love!

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  1. A beautiful family that you have, Joy. Love reading your posts. Enjoy your summer.